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Call for Papers: IAVoSS Workshop On Trustworthy Elections (WOTE 2007)

elections, news, privacy, friends, research
[1]: [2]: [3]: [4]: [5]: [6]: [7]: h… more »

Stallman on Copyright Reform

copyright, open source, berkeley, photos, p2p, policy, DRM, legal
[Richard Stallman] came to speak at UC Berkeley's [Department of Computer Science] this past Wednesday about copyright reform. I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed. I've heard a lot of what he said before and I had skipped another very interesting… more »

A Report from the Public Monitor of the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections

elections, certification/testing, reform, hacks, news, problems, friends, research, policy, legal
After the 2006 primary disaster in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, where tens of thousands of absentee ballots had to be hand-counted due to a printing problem, the County Board of Elections appointed a public monitor to oversee the conduct of elections. That p… more »

Coding for policy, regulating design

elections, blogging, open source, secrecy, privacy, berkeley, p2p, friends, policy, DRM, usability, legal, education, iSchool
[Deirdre Mulligan] (my mentor and grant supervisor) is leading [a reading group] here at the [School of Information] concerning the embedding of values in policy and policy-sensitive design. Feel free to follow the discussions we have on the blog: [*"C… more »

Thoughts on Senate Rules Hearing Today on E-Voting

There is a very important hearing in the [Senate Committee on Rules and Administration]( You can listen along [here]( I'll update this post with my thoughts as the hearing progresses. Audio [courte… more »


chilling effects, family, policy
Death comes for us all. Most of us will not be able to choose the time, place and form of its coming. Fewer of us will have the luxury to not see it coming. It is a strange aspect of humans that some consciously decide to take their own lives and… more »

Report on Voting in Kazakhstan

elections, reform, standards, news, secrecy, politics, friends, policy
(I promise no Borat jokes.) Think we have it bad in terms of electronic voting here in the US? Well, in Kazakhstan, you can sell your vote and the standards for e-voting machines are a state secret. [Doug Jones] recently posted the Final report… more »

My Dad on Livestock, Me on Pigs

blogging, family, food
My Dad, a pathologist, has started blogging... and it appears he's got a knack for it. His [latest post]( is about a report, [*"Livestock's Long Shadow"*](… more »

Help Look for Jim Gray with Mechanical Turk

open source, berkeley, photos, friends, research, education, iSchool
From [David Molnar]( > Jim Gray was the first person to receive a PhD from Berkeley in computer science. He's been missing for several days after setting out to sail from San Francisco to the Farallon I… more »
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