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Why do Federal Election Laws only Apply to Federal Elections?

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Federal election laws like HAVA, limit their mandates to apply to federal elections?congressional and presidential. It may seem silly to some that Congress can only pass election laws that apply to federal elections, unlike in other areas of law wher… more »

Possible HAVA Violation in Georgia's Provisional Balloting

elections, news, chilling effects, problems, policy, legal
Yesterday, I read [Ron Rivest]'s write-up of his elections observation experience in Georgia this past November ([*"Trip Report: Election Day 2006: Visit to Atlanta Georgia on 11/7/2006 for election observing"* (PDF)](… more »

Post-Election Manual Auditing of Paper Records Bibliography

elections, reform, research, policy
In order to make sense of all the post-election auditing proposals currently out there, I've created a bibliography of all the post-election audit work that I know of. Please let me know if I've left anything out; my intention is to include *everything… more »

Diebold whistleblower pleads guilty and pays $10K

elections, vendors, copyright, news, secrecy, chilling effects, litigation, legal
Truly sad. I wish he had had the right criminal defense to wash his hands of this. Whistleblowing has to be done right. Jones Day is a bunch of really scummy lawyers. ### [E-voting `hero' pleads guilty to computer crime in Diebold case][1] > By… more »

Dowd on Pelosi

This may knock me down a few notches in some of your eyes, but I've always liked Marueen Dowd. Her most recent column about Nancy Pelosi is a home-run. This whole week I've been consistently unimpressed with the unleadership skill, strained logic and… more »

Offensive Use of Tasers on UCLA Student

An Iranian-American UCLA Student, Mostafa Tabatabainejad, was [tased]( after being unable to produce ID and reacting (irrationally) to being touched by cops at UCLA's Powell Library. Declan has a great summ… more »

Doing Post-Election Audits of Paper Records in California Right

As part of my dissertation research and the research agenda of our [NSF ACCURATE][1] center, a number of us have been working with two California jurisdictions to design the procedures for their post-election manual audit. This audit, required under Ca… more »

Bush protects us from "eye tack"

wtf?, politics, photos
I caught this funny mistranslation of Bush by the closed captioning... he said "attack" and the CC thought it was "eye tack". I'm not even sure I know what "eye tack" is... > "The election has changed many things in Washington but it has not cha… more »

Electioneering in the Polling Place

elections, wtf?, chilling effects, policy, legal
So, as a poll worker, we were instructed to tell anyone in the polling place that wearing pins or t-shirts, etc. that represented a candidate or measure on the ballot was electioneering under [California Law](… more »

The General Election at Precinct 225400

elections, accessibility, news, privacy, policy
I have always wanted to volunteer for an election and see what it's like to be on the ground, especially since election policy is a key part of my PhD thesis. [Avi Rubin], the director of our [ACCURATE] grant, recently [volunteered as a poll worker] in… more »

SacBee Op-Ed: "Counting on security"

elections, certification/testing, standards, news, berkeley, problems, friends, research, policy, legal
[Deirdre Mulligan] (PI on NSF [ACCURATE] grant), Aaron Burstein, David Snyder and I wrote this piece for Sunday's Sacramento Bee. -Joe [Deirdre Mulligan]: [ACCURATE]: http://… more »

Quote of the Day

berkeley, friends, usability, legal
>"I consider MS Word to be a form of denial-of-service attack" --Aaron Burstein more »


friends, legal
[Jason] points out ([*" suit against for too much traffic"*]) that [utube] is apparently suing [youtube] because millions of IM'ing idiots spell "you" with only one letter. This has rendered their website useless. Based on [the co… more »
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