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ACCURATE Submits Comments on VSTCP Manual

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##### Cross-posted on the ACCURATE blog: [*"ACCURATE Submits Comments on VSTCP Manual"*]( Today ACCURATE submitted a [public comment][1] to the U.S. [Election Assistance Commis… more »

Cthulu Jack O' Lantern

wtf?, photos
I love carving pumpkins... here's my take on a [Cthulu] design. [Cthulu]: more »

An Unfill Paragraph Macro for MS Word

Here's a Macro that replaces carriage return characters in a selection with nothing. This is useful if you get a chunk of text where someone has ended each line of a paragraph with a carriage return instead of allowing the software to wrap the lines.… more »

'Tis the season, yo

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Make old extensions work with FireFox 2.0... (without manual editing)

hacks, open source
[FireFox 2.0] is out and works pretty neat. One tip: [Make most of your old extensions compatible] with the 2.0 version by get the [Nightly Tester Tools] extension so that you can go to Tools -> AddOns and then click on "Make all compatible". This… more »

Danah on prop. 83

elections, news, friends
A must read piece on why you (if you're a CA voter) should vote NO on Prop. 83 from danah boyd, [*"Prop 83: Sex Offenders is not what it seems. SAY NO!"*]( more »


This is one part [fucking ridiculous and one part fucking hilarious]( more »

Wikipedia: "Tech Law Prof"

wtf?, legal, education, wikipedia
This is a curious little wikipdedia page: [Tech Law Prof]( Comments? ##### (Comments are open for a bit on this one) more »

My Dad Now Blogs...

blogging, politics, family
My father has entered the blogosphere: [Rousing from Lethargy]... stand the hell back. [Rousing from Lethargy]: more »

Election Technology and Problems in the Field

elections, problems, San Francisco, friends, research, policy, legal
In conjunction with [Election Protection 2006], I gave a short talk at the firm [Fenwick and West]( in San Francisco today on the various flavours of voting technology and problems that we've seen with them in the field. You can… more »

Problems with The Alameda County Report

elections, certification/testing, vendors, news, research, policy
Alameda county released a security vulnerability assessment of their voting system last Thursday, conducted by a firm called [Pacific Design Engineering]. [Thad Hall] over at [Election Updates] has a new post, [*"ALAMEDA COUNTY E-VOTING REPORT"*](http:… more »

Marc Smith, "Pictures of Traces of Places, People, and Groups" (iSchool DLS)

berkeley, research, podcasts, iSchool
Today, [Marc Smith][1] from [Microsoft Research][2] gave the third [iSchool][3] Distinguished Lecture of the 2006-2007 academic year, "Pictures of Traces of Places, People, and Groups". Here is the abstract for his talk and the audio is linked bel… more »

Search for Amazon Prime Items

(Sorry, I just had to post this as I've probably spent hours looking for Amazon Prime crap.) **UPDATE [2006-10-23T18:09:53]:** Another interesting search tool for Prime items (with a better UI): . more »

Fred Schneider, "What Price Insularity? ..." (iSchool DLS)

copyright, privacy, berkeley, policy, DRM, legal, podcasts, iSchool
This past Wednesday, [Fred Schneider][1] from [Cornell's Computer Science Department][2] gave the second [iSchool][3] Distinguished Lecture of the 2006-2007 academic year, "What Price Insularity? Dialogs about Computer Security Failings". Fred's ta… more »

Barriers to TOR Research at UC Berkeley

chilling effects, privacy, berkeley, friends, research, policy, legal, iSchool
I'm giving a talk today here at the TRUST Privacy workshop entitled [*"Barriers to TOR Research at UC Berkeley"* (slides)]( The paper is available here: (Thanks to [Ryan](h… more »

Book Review: Avi Rubin's "Brave New Ballot"

elections, copyright, chilling effects, friends, research, policy, usability, legal
As [Freddie Oakley] put it to me, "Who wouldda thunk Avi could write a page-turner about life through the looking glass in Electionland." That's exactly what [Avi Rubin] has done with his new book, **[Brave New Ballot]** (Morgan Road Books, A Division… more »
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