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Judith Donath, "Signals, Truth and Design" (iSchool DLS)

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Today, [Judith Donath][1] from the [MIT Media Lab][2] gave the first [iSchool][3] Distinguished Lecture of the 2006-2007 academic year, "Signals, Truth and Design". Here is the abstract for her talk and the audio is linked below: > Much of what we… more »

A' running we will go...

My new running shoes rock... they're [New Balance 809s]( I just did a delight of a little run near Piedmont (route tool courtesy of ). It's hella hilly, but very pretty and very fun (too bad… more »

Maryland patches its voting system

elections, certification/testing, reform, standards, news, policy, legal
##### (I started writing this as a comment on Ben's post... then realized I would be using way too many links!) [Ben Adida] (now a postdoc at Harvard) points out ([*"Fixing Bugs and Breaking Certification"*](… more »


copyright, open source, patents, politics, berkeley, policy, DRM, legal
[Heather Meeker] from [Greenberg Traurig] spoke yesterday at [Pam Samuelson]'s [open source class]... and confirmed what I had feared: [GPLv3] is [dead] on [arrival]. **Later:** Oh yeah, she also said that *SCO v. IBM* is totally irrelevant to the GP… more »

iSchool T-Shirt, Yo

berkeley, photos, friends, iSchool
Here's my (preliminary) design entry for the UC Berkeley [School of Information] T-Shirt. It's all vectorized, so can be any size and it's simply a two-color design. There are a lot of other people who are vastly more graphically-oriented workin… more »

The Dangers of Blurring Lines in Academia...

copyright, chilling effects, patents, politics, friends, policy, legal, threats, education, iSchool
[Lilia](, a recent Master's graduate from here at the [iSchool](, recounts her frustrating experience with her Master's project, her adviser and intellectual property associated with her project:… more »

Batali's Parmigiana di Melanzane

wine, recipe, food
One of my favorite cooks and restauranteurs is Mario Batali. I'm not exactly sure why, but I use to not really like Batali. Maybe it's because he uses a lot of meat and we don't eat much of that around here. Well, after eating one of the best mea… more »

Avi and the Maryland Primary...

system, elections, problems, friends, research, policy, usability
[Avi Rubin], the director of my grant ([ACCURATE]) has an amazing account of his day as a poll worker in Baltimore, MD: [*"My day at the polls - Maryland primary '06"*]( His… more »

Wagner's comments on VVPR

elections, certification/testing, reform, secrecy, privacy, politics, berkeley, problems, friends, usability
David Wagner has posted [follow-up comments][1] responsive to questions submitted to him by the House Admininstration and Science Committees. These questions werein response to his [superb testimony][2] on the hill in July. [1]: http://www.cs.berkel… more »


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If you know [Judd], you know [this is profound]: > We?re all just learning the word terrorist. [this is profound]: [Judd]: When I first read this, I read it… more »


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Everyone welcome [Tara Wheatland]( to the blogosphere as she spends the next 1.5 years clerking for an AK Appeals Court judge. more »
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