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New Feed for Pam Samuelson's Papers

feeds, copyright, open source, patents, berkeley, friends, research, policy, legal, education, iSchool
Hi, if you're a fan of my adviser, Pam Samuelson, and her scholarship, then you'd probably like to know that there is a feed for her paper page (where she posts her forthcoming papers): The old feed had fallen into disrepair. This one is largely au… more »

Programmer Volunteers Needed

elections, reform, open source, friends
Verified Voting Foundation and needs a few experienced programmers to help with several key software projects for the 2006 elections. We hope we can find volunteers who devote some significant time over the next few months to help… more »

Pluto is still a planet

wtf?, space, astronomy, astrophysics
I'm getting increasingly disgusted with the commentary surrounding the new IAU definition of "planet". It's not that I would normally get disgusted... but it must just be a slow news day and everyone seems to have a silly opinion. NPR started off with… more »

Black Maria

I was recently in Albuquerque with Michelle and a good friend, Isadora. We were walking past a closed club that had a band practicing in it. It was phenomenal. The band was clearly what is referred to as "stoner rock" although was heavy enough to be… more »

Do you have nothing to hide?

wtf?, secrecy, chilling effects, privacy, family, friends, research, policy
(comments are open on this post for a few days.) I'm set to go on vacation in the near future and a short plane trip is par for the course. I didn't hear about the British terror plot involving liquids until Michelle's mother, Pat, mentioned it in a… more »

Chocolate Chip Cookies

recipe, food
Simply the best... ### Ingredients: * 2/3 c. vegetable shortening (cut into small chunks) * 2/3 c. unsalted butter, softened (cut into small chunks) * 1 c. granulated sugar * 1 c. brown sugar * 2 eggs * 2 tsp. vanilla extract (good quality)… more »

How to Really Tie a Tie

So, I've been having to dress nicely more often these days. One thing that continues to be a work-in-progress is [tying a tie] (not to mention folding a pocket silk). I think I've finally figured out a method for tying a good solid, symmetrical and ti… more »

New documents on the CA SoS's site

elections, news
State testing of the [Vote-PAD]( with DESI and Hart scanners has been completed as has the testing of the Hart eScan and eSlate: * [Vote-PAD/DESI & Vote-PAD/Hart Systems: Staff Report][1] * [Vote-PAD/DESI & Vote-PAD/H… more »

"The American Ballot" by Spencer Albright

elections, reform, copyright, research, policy
To add to my small but growing library of historical voting materials, I present: [**"The American Ballot"**][1] (14MB PDF) by Spencer Albright (published by the American Council on Public Affairs in 1942). [1]:… more »

New Voters With Disabilities Suit in California

As [Dan Tokaji] and [Cindy Cohn] point out, a lawsuit was filed on Tuesday by advocates of people of disabilities against the Secretary of State in California and seven counties in California (See [*" Disability Rights Suit Over California Voting Equipm… more »

OCRing Documents from PACER

hacks, recipe, legal
So, occasionally, when examining documents on PACER (the electronic filing system for federal courts in the US) you get one that is scanned in and not OCR'd (which means that you can't select the text in the document). How do you go about getting it OC… more »
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