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Complications with Sequoia's VVPATs, tapes in CA counties

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A recent article from the North County Times here in California reports that at least three counties -- Riverside, Napa and San Bernardino -- do not plan on posting results reports in each polling place, contrary to California law. Riverside has as… more »

Don't be afraid of polenta

recipe, food
Man, I love polenta (which is the glorified Italian version of the South's grits). It's essentially medium-ground corn meal cooked to a porridge state -- for soft polenta -- and sometimes cooled -- for the hard version of polenta. Many people also love… more »


recipe, food
We had a great Memorial Day BBQ. With grilled potatoes, corn, shrimp, onions, turkey sausage and veggie doggers. You can see more [over at Flickr]( The grilled shrimp I did were especia… more »

Buttermilk Pecan Pralines

recipe, family, food
From my stepmom, Sherrie. These are divine, buttery, sugary and nutty. You'll need a thermometer, and you'll probably want [one with a temperature timer]( so that you can set it to go off at a specific temper… more »

AT&T does bad redaction in EFF case

hacks, secrecy, friends, legal
[Declan]( has an interesting article where he notes that AT&T improperly redacted a legal filing yesterday ([*"AT&T leaks sensitive info in NSA suit"*](… more »

New Research Forthcoming on Racial Gap in Voting Technology

elections, accessibility, problems, research, policy, usability
I was recently reviewing the upcoming [Brennan Center] report on the extensive threat modeling of voting systems that they've done. I saw this in the text (this is reprinted in this blog with the permission of the Brennan Center): [Brennan Center]:… more »

Sighting a Great Blue Heron

San Francisco, photos
Wow. Michelle and I took a few pics of a strange bird at the [San Francisco Botanical Garden] the other day. Turns out that my [Sibley Guide to Birds] says that it is an immature [Great Blue Heron]. Turns out the only nesting area for these birds in… more »

DESI vuln. and Avi Rubin on NPR

elections, vendors, news, problems
NPR has finally done a piece on the recent [Diebold vulnerability]( that was found by Harri Hursti and Black Box Voting ([*"Security Risk Seen in Electronic Voting Machines"*](… more »

Backdoors, barn doors, front doors...

elections, hacks, problems, friends, research
Today Dan Tokaji penned a post on the recent DESI DRE vulnerability ([*"Diebold: Not the Usual Suspecters"*]( that highlights an interesting distinction between language th… more »

A Flickr'd Commencement...

berkeley, photos, friends, legal, education, iSchool
We took many many photos of commencement yesterday: * [My photos]( * [Fredrik's photos]( * [Carrie's photos](http://www.flick… more »

BBV report on DESI DRE vulnerabilities...

elections, certification/testing, vendors, hacks, news, problems, research, policy, usability
So [BBV]( just released their report ([*"SECURITY ALERT: May 11, 2006 - Critical Security Issues with Diebold TSx"*]( authored by Harri Hursti) on the vulnerabilities of the DE… more »

Vulnerable Machines

elections, certification/testing, hacks, news, problems, family, usability
So, while waiting on pins and needles to hear from the [Black Box Voting] crew about [their report] concerning [serious vulnerabilities] in DESI DREs, I'll note another Diebold machine acting strangely. [Black Box Voting]: http://www.blackboxvoting.… more »

Recovery 2.0

blogging, open source, berkeley, friends, policy, iSchool
[Callie Jones] and [Sarai Mitnick] (iSchool students) have had their final paper from our [open source class]( published in this month's issue of [First Monday](… more »

New Pam papers

copyright, berkeley, friends, research, policy, legal, iSchool
[Pam], has just posted three new papers (via the ["Pamela Samuelson: Papers" feed]( [Pam]: * [Enriching Discourse on Public Domain][1], forthcomi… more »

music, hacks
The [crypto rap] from [MC Plus+] is rad. ##### (via [mroth] in person and then [Schneier] via RSS). [MC Plus+]: [crypto rap]:… more »

Serious Security Flaw in DESI's DREs

elections, reform, problems, policy
**Update [2006-05-10T16:23:59]:** I wrote this without knowing certain things that I know now. This whole situation seems to be being handled very responsibly and carefully considering the possible impact of the details. For more, see Ian Hoffman's sto… more »

The case for reporting voided VVPRs

elections, problems, research
##### (some of this is part of a paper I'm thinking of submitting to [WOTE'06]... let me know if you want to work with me on it!) [WOTE'06]: At last week's [CFP 2006 conference]( we he… more »

Our CFP Tutorial

elections, certification/testing, accessibility, reform, vendors, standards, news, privacy, problems, litigation, friends, research, policy, usability, legal, education
##### Sorry, this post got mangled in a previous database record. Jack Lerner ([SLTPPC](, Matt Zimmerman ([EFF]( and I just finished a superb "Electronic Voting Primer" as a half-day tutorial at t… more »
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