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Searching DNS using wildcards?

hacks, research
Let's say you wanted to list the IP addresses associated with a second-level domain. For example, let's say you needed all the IP addresses listed in DNS that would match "*". There are tools like Netcraft's searchDNS tool: which ca… more »

Yochai Benkler: "The Wealth of Networks: How Social Production Transforms Markets and Freedom"

open source, berkeley, policy, legal, podcasts, iSchool
[Yochai Benkler], law professor at Yale, gave a fascinating talk today called, "The Wealth of Networks: How Social Production Transforms Markets and Freedom", based around [his book] of the same name. The audio of the talk is available by clicking on th… more »

The Future of Information

SIMS, berkeley, friends, podcasts, iSchool
Yesterday the UC Berkeley [School of Information] (iSchool) hosted a panel discussion and reception to celebrate the change of our name (we were formerly known as the School of Information Management and Systems (SIMS)). The event started with [Dea… more »

People pissed at bilingual ballots

elections, accessibility, reform, standards, news, policy
Sigh. The dumb bastards. (from [*"Bilingual mailers causing uproar"*](,1299,DRMN_15_4645959,00.html)) >Officials have been flooded with irate calls about bilingual election mailers. They've had to… more »

D'oh... oh broken tech.

wtf?, chilling effects, friends
Damn. I just received my snazzy new [Kinesis keyboard] which comes highly recommended from my CS colleagues. But the "Y U I O P" row of keys is all dead. Well, as [mroth] said, I now get to test the support infrastructure that is available for such an… more »

Sonic Youth to open for Pearl Jam

I'd normally keep shows to my [show list and feed](, but Bill Graham Productions just announced that Sonic Youth is opening for Pearl Jam in July. Which is as weird as when they opened for Nirvana. Neither band would ex… more »

AB 2097 passes the CA Assembly 's Committee on Elections and Redistricting...

elections, reform, vendors, copyright, open source, research, policy, legal
[Alan]( called and told me that [AB 2097]( has passed the California Assembly's Committee on Elections and Redistricting*. This bill, if passed into law, would provide t… more »




music, copyright, p2p, friends, iSchool
[Ryan] got me turned on to [lala] which is a start-up that facilitates trading of audio CDs once you've become bored with them. It is one of a [few]( [new]( [services]( that ar… more »

Voting Technology Suit in PA

elections, certification/testing, accessibility, litigation, policy, legal
A group of PA voters backed by [PFAWF] has filed suit ([complaint in DOC]) in federal court in Pittsburgh against local, state and federal officials for declaratory and injunctive relief. Claims include: [complaint in DOC]: http://www.votetrustusa.… more »

Mac Screen Invert Shortcut Broken?

Anyone out there with an older mac (not the new intel ones): try to invert your screen with the old handy-dandy CMD-OPT-CTRL-8. It doesn't work on mine anymore after the latest system update. I can do it from System Preferences, but that's a serious p… more »

"Open Source" used in VT election, Cuyahoga fudges '04 recount

Like [Ping], I also finished a submission to [EVT] on Monday evening... and my hands (RSI) still hurt! [Naveen] has said that all the rage over in CS are the [Kinesis] keyboards which have little "bowls" that your hands sit in; I'll have to save some m… more »

ITAs show up and speak...

elections, certification/testing, standards
Two of the three voting system ITAs showed up for a recent hearing by Senator Bowen. BBV [has a transcript posted] and here are some choice quotes: [has a transcript posted]: > "[W]hat w… more »

How could have the Sony Rootkit been prevented?

copyright, berkeley, friends, research, policy, DRM
[Aaron]( and [Deirdre]( are featured in an article by Anne Broache and Declan McCullagh about their arguing for an exemption from the DMCA anti-circumvent… more »
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