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Force IE to bow to your CSS

hacks, open source, berkeley
I've found myself mentioning this to a number of people since I found out about it. There's a nifty little script that you can use that will rewrite IE's DOM so that you don't have to hack away making CSS compatible. From the [J-School](http://journal… more »

On SVN...

hacks, open source, berkeley, friends, research, education
[Karl] and [Matthew] have me using [SVN] and it rocks... especially since it doesn't seem to suffer from many [lame-o properties] that [CVS] has. One thing, to get `$Id$` tags to update on commit, you have to update a file's SVN properties via:… more »

GPG <=, bad

hacks, open source, privacy
As [Schneier notes](, there is a significant vulnerability in GnuPG versions before that allows one to prepend or append arbitrary data to a signed message and not affect the sig… more »
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