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[totally]( [fascinates]( me. more »

Quentin Hardy: "A Tour of the Humanities in 2050, or, The Problem of Everything"

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Quentin Hardy, Silicon Valley Bureau Chief of [Forbes magazine](, gave the second distinguished lecture of the Spring 2006 semester at the UC Berkeley SoI. The talk was titled, "A Tour of the Humanities in 2050, or, The Problem o… more »

VoterAction files suit in CA against Secretary of State

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A group of California voters[1] filed suit today against the California Secretary of State and all State election officials[2] that plan on using DESI's DRE and optical scan voting machines in upcoming elections. Here is the [complaint](http://www.votet… more »

Guys, gals... let's call a truce in the toilet seat wars

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So a few UC Berkeley ME students [have designed]( a toilet that automates the process of raising and lowering the toilet seat. > Ladies, how many times have you gone to use the bathroom and t… more »

UPS monitoring for Linux via Python: ups_control

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If you, like me, run a Linux box on a [UPS]( and have to use the largely featureless `genericups` driver that ships with [NUT](, *have no fear... Python is here.*… more »

Seriously... WTF... Seriously

(Warning... this is maximally artsy... Like "Bjork and other artists on a whaling ship with a large vaseline sculpture" artsy) more »

RSI is back... but I'm prepared

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So, my RSI is back in full effect. I took [Judd]'s advice and purchased some wrist braces that I can wear at night and during the day when it gets really bad. [Judd]: [Karl]: [David Wagner]:… more »

Chris Anderson: "The Elephant in the Long Tail"

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Bye Bye Comments and Trackbacks...

Alas, poor Comments and Trackbacks, I knew thee well. **UPDATE [2006-03-21T19:53:48]:** Well, I surprised by how many people have said they would like to comment on my blog (even if they never have). So, I'll selectively enable comments on some post… more »

Force IE to bow to your CSS

hacks, open source, berkeley
I've found myself mentioning this to a number of people since I found out about it. There's a nifty little script that you can use that will rewrite IE's DOM so that you don't have to hack away making CSS compatible. From the [J-School](http://journal… more »

On SVN...

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[Karl] and [Matthew] have me using [SVN] and it rocks... especially since it doesn't seem to suffer from many [lame-o properties] that [CVS] has. One thing, to get `$Id$` tags to update on commit, you have to update a file's SVN properties via:… more »

GPG <=, bad

hacks, open source, privacy
As [Schneier notes](, there is a significant vulnerability in GnuPG versions before that allows one to prepend or append arbitrary data to a signed message and not affect the sig… more »

Tails from the Long Tail 3: The Gossip

music, podcasts
For the third installment of Tails from the Long Tail, I concentrate on a single album recently released. [The Gossip](, from Olympia, Washington, have put out a new album called "Standing the the Way of Control". It's their… more »

How disputes get resolved on Wikipedia...

open source, politics, policy
Well, I've always wondered how [disputes are resolved] on [Wikipedia]... looks like [I'm finding out in practice]. Among other things, A Wikipedian has recently threatened to send email to [Hal Varian], the former dean of [the SoI], about my conduct.… more »

Peach Cosmo

recipe, chilling effects
Freakin' yum. ### Peach Cosmo * 3 shots peach vodka (Peach Absolut, Peach Stoli, etc.) * 1 shot triple sec (Curacao, Grand Marnier, Cointreau, etc.) * 1 shot fresh lime juice * 1 shot cranberry juice Add all ingredients to a shaker with 7 cu… more »

Chris Anderson to speak at UC Berkeley for

berkeley, research, legal, podcasts
As [Judd notes](, [Chris Anderson]( will be speaking at an event sponsored by []( I will be podcasting this talk in case you turn… more »

Voting Machine Stolen from Official's Home

elections, news, secrecy, problems
> The Dallas Morning News reported today that an [ES&S] iVotronic touchscreen machine was stolen from the home of a Dallas County elections judge this weekend. The machine will not function as-is, and the machine has already been blocked from access… more »

Bye bye boing boing

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It's funny... seeing this NYT article, [*"Popular Web Site Falls Victim to a Content Filter"*](, reminds me to announce to the world that I no longer read Boing Boing. After [Ryan](http://sin… more »

On myspace...

Well, I'm not sure why but I'm now on MySpace... let the ridiculousness of ephemeral connections begin: ##### Feel free to add me as a friend if you'd like. I'll leave you with a lengthy quote from [Matthew Haughey](http://a.wholelottanothing.… more »

TiVo's Arcane Privacy Policy

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I just read [TiVo's Privacy Policy]( and it's quite arcane. Further, trying to change your privacy preferences isn't easy. Begin bitchy rant now... First, it makes a substantive distinction between TiVo Basic and… more »

Wikipedia on Mix Nets

wtf?, research, wikipedia
Could someone out there do the world a favor and start an entry for "mix net" on Wikipedia? [It doesn't seem to exist now]( net&fulltext=Search); perhaps there is a more techn… more »

One of the many reasons why I love punk rock...

Jesus... > A sticker on a bicycle that said "this bike is a pipe bomb" caused a scare Thursday at Ohio University that shut down four buildings before authorities learned the message was the name of a punk rock band, a university spokesman said. [fro… more »

on bobsledding...

berkeley, education, iSchool
Yale Braunstein on Bobsledding... > "I think bobsledding is the greatest sport invented. > It's: run, run, run, jump, scream." more »

"Cautious Cars, Cranky Kitchens, Demanding Devices"

privacy, berkeley, research, usability, podcasts, education, iSchool
[Donald Norman](, Co-Founder of the [Nielsen Norman Group]( and Professor at Northwestern University gave the first School of Information [Distinguished Lecture]( of t… more »
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