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Judd and Me on CalTV

open source, chilling effects, politics, berkeley, research, policy, education, iSchool
[Judd]( and myself are on [CalTV]( talking about the recent incident where Wikipedia started to block IP addresses from Capitol Hill due to bad-faith edits ([*"Wikipedia Traces Back ?Vandali… more »

Tasteless Prank Played on Senator Bowen

elections, news, wtf?, politics, friends
CA Senator Bowen had a tasteless prank played on her the other day where someone played "inappropriate sounds" during a conference call with hundreds of activists ([*"Was it a prank, or something more?"*]( That so… more »


elections, news, research
### 2006 USENIX/ACCURATE Electronic Voting Technology Workshop (EVT '06) #### August 1, 2006, Vancouver, B.C., Canada Join us in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, August 1, 2006, for the first USENIX/ACCURATE Electronic Voting Technology (EVT) workshop. EVT… more »

Changing the NQB2 pic...

system, photos, family
I figured this would be a great picture of me to associate with my blog... straight out of the late 70s, born with a beer in my hand: So, if you visit NQB2, you'll see the beach shot of me on the right replaced with this. ##### Um, of course i… more »

My Sister the Rescuer

Shout out to my sister, Tracie, who is doing much good as part of the [King County Explorer Search and Rescue]( Here's some recent press: [*"Training day turns into real-life rescue"*](… more »

Problems with FireWire drives showing up on a Mac?

hacks, wtf?
Macs and external FireWire hard drives can be strange. Sometimes the drive just doesn't show up. Here's a trick [I found]( after some googling: If your FireWire drive and its part… more »

Citations needed in Wikipedia?

policy, education
Man, I hate reverting edits in [Wikipedia] from people that mean well but add a bunch of unsubstantiated crap. Thankfully, instead of simply reverting edits, I can add the following tag everywhere I think a statement needs a citation: {{Fact… more »

An Unarmed iSchool Alum Speaks

SIMS, berkeley, friends, policy, education, iSchool
Dave Schlossberg (now at [IODA]) has this piece, [*"The State of the iSchool: A response from an unarmed alum"*](, over at his rant-space, [the meat]. I'll post some comments after reading it at lun… more »

DJ Mark Marcelo presents The Ignant Mix

music, friends, iSchool
From [Ryan]... [DJ Mark Marcelo presents The Ignant Mix][1]. All the Hyphy you can handle and then some... [1]: [Ryan]: more »

Tying ties...

recipe, photos, family, usability, education
Here's a quick refresher course from my Dad on tying ties. (Note: these illustrations are drawn as if you're looking in the mirror... so the left side of each illustration should be your left in the mirror.) Windsor Knot Ha… more »

Email out, IM in?

berkeley, friends, research, iSchool
[Doug] on [Paul Saffo] ([*"Paul Saffo: Professionally vapid"*]( > Now notice this about the quote ? his anecdotal evidence ? two high school students ? don?t support hi… more »

Innovation at the ACCURATE retreat

elections, reform, news, privacy, research, policy, usability
During yesterday's [ACCURATE] retreat we got to see what everyone was working on in their elections-related research. There was a lot of neat stuff, especially from David Wagner's group. Wagner's group (including [Ping], [David], [Arel], [Naveen] and [… more »

Getting rid of the chat in GMail...

Follow Tim's directions here: [Getting rid of that pesky GTalk box in Gmail]( look down at the bottom of the page and there is a link for "standard… more »

Joe's a presentation dork...

So, I've grown very very fond of Mac OS X's negative mode (you can invert the screen colors on a Mac OS X system by hitting `Ctrl-Opt-Cmd-8`). However, it seems that one can get **too** used to it. Case in point: I gave a talk yesterday at the [ACCURA… more »


music, hacks, privacy
Interesting (via a Google AdSense ad, no less). In addition to efforts like mine, where I publish information about [cool shows](, there's also this: . Apparently, Track50 will send you email ([if and only if](http://ww… more »

Cuture and IT via Last.FM

So I look up Vallejo rapper [Mac Dre]( on Last.FM and see that they have an image of a different rapper, BavGate, instead of an image of him: That made me realize just how few people in the bay area must use W… more »

Feeling weird about Google

wtf?, privacy, policy, legal
So Google is trying its best to get all GMail users to also use the integrated Google Talk IM service. I made very sure that I don't use it as the last thing I want to loose control over is IM logs. However, last night I logged into GMail and saw this… more »

Wonderful V-Day

wine, berkeley, family, friends, food
Michelle and I went to [Cafe de la Paz]( last night to see a very good flamenco show and eat a prix fixe meal (I had duck, she had salmon). It was a really neat experience and the food was good and refressing. We also drank… more »

Problems in giving blood

wtf?, chilling effects
1. Never give blood during a fraternity/sorority-sponsored blood drive. You'll wait for hours. 2. Never let someone who's only drawn blood a few times do it to you (ask, "How many times have you done this?"). Otherwise: more »

Tales from the Long Tail (vol. 2)

This is the second installment of *Tales from the Long Tail*, my podcast where I (try to) highlight good, obscure music. In this podcast, I play some very good bay-area rap from [Mac Dre](, Mistah F.A.B., The Team a… more »

Testing IODA

I'm here at [IODA]( testing their blog/podcast indie music promo tools!!!! Cool! Check it out... the below was generated by their software that will automatically do this: Viva Zapata! 7 Year Bitch C/Z Buy at iTu… more »

CA Senate Hearing on Open Source

elections, copyright, open source, research, policy
Today I testified at a hearing entitled, ["Open Source Software ? Does It Have A Place In California?s Electoral System?"]( held by the California State Sen… more »

Tor at Berkeley

privacy, berkeley, education
So, it wasn't easy, but today I got conditional approval from [CISC]( to run a [Tor] server at the [iSchool]. (Yes, that last link is for Google.) And, man, only a few of you know what I mean when I say "it wasn't e… more »

Orphan Works Trolls?

copyright, policy, legal
Do you think we'll start to see "orphan works trolls" that examine commercially successful orphan works (or their derivatives), try go find the copyright holders and get rights assigned and then sue so that they can make money? Hmmmmm... [Joe Gratz]… more »

Freedom to Tinker Blog Archive Paper Naming Contest

Help Ed and Alex [name their Sony Rootkit paper]( They want a song title that sums up the fiasco but in a non-inflammatory way (which, yes, means that the Talking Heads, *Burning Down The House*, is off limits. B… more »

UC Berkeley iSchool = SIMS

system, SIMS, berkeley, family, friends, research, education, iSchool
We've changed our name from SIMS to UC Berkeley's School of Information... or iSchool for short. Check us out and our new web page: . Let us know if you have any comments on the design, content, whatever! more »
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