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State of the School Address by Dean Saxenian

SIMS, berkeley, family, friends, podcasts, education
Dean [AnnaLee Saxenian] gave the first annual *State of the School* address today for SIMS (soon to be called the UC Berkeley School of Information... or I-School). I was able to record her talk and you find the audio and slides here: * [`saxenia… more »

Star Wars and E-voting?

elections, news, wtf?
best... intro... to an e-voting article... ever: > With terms like ES&S and TSX, discussions at the state Capitol about new-fangled voting machines can sound like Star Wars movie fans talking about droids. And just as technology often failed to s… more »

GWU law students turn backs on Gonzalez during speech

secrecy, chilling effects, privacy, politics, photos, policy, legal, education
> *When you're a law student, they tell you if say that if you can't argue the law, argue the facts. They also tell you if you can't argue the facts, argue the law. If you can't argue either, apparently, the solution is to go on a public relations offen… more »

Commonwealth Club Panel: Should Books Be Free Online?

copyright, chilling effects, SIMS, berkeley, San Francisco, policy, legal
Make a reservation for this [Commonwealth Club]( panel... (via the one and only ass-kicking [LawGeek]( > [INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY | THURSDAY JANUARY 26](h… more »

Privacy is for Google what security is for Microsoft

privacy, policy
from [Ed]( ([*"Google Video and Privacy"*]( > Privacy is for Google what security is for Microsoft. At some point Microsoft realized that a chain of security disasters was on… more »

Ever been frustrated with a locked cell phone?

copyright, hacks, policy, DRM, legal
If you have a particularly good story about frustrations dealing with a locked cell phone, consider helping folks at Stanford Law file for a DMCA exemption for unlocking cell phones: > The Stanford Law School Center for Internet and Society is collec… more »

AdSense on NQB2

So, astute readers have noticed that I've started to include Google AdSense ads at the bottom of each post. However, even with the recent metafilter hit, I've had no one click on the ads. Do people click on Google ads? (Obviously, a few people wil… more »

Gore Speech (or CSPAN streaming video bites)

secrecy, privacy, politics, podcasts
***PLEASE NOTE THAT THE AUDIO FILES ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE.*** Al Gore supposedly gave a great speech today... in case you're fed up with CSPAN's uber-crappy streaming service, here's a link to an mp3 (and smaller mp4) that I cleaned up (original mp… more »

GPLv3 Draft 1 out

copyright, open source, legal
Just received in an email: > The new draft and web resources are available at . We welcome your comments on the wording of the new version at I'll include the draft text below. One of the things I was hoping is compatibility with the Affero GPL… more »

Connecticut totally screws up their voting systems procurement

elections, vendors, news, wtf?, politics, problems, research, policy, legal
The State of Connecticut is now claiming that a certain law never existed. I told them about this over a year ago! Here's the skinny (from [*"Supposed state requirement for voting machines never existed"*](… more »

Question for Mac heads out there...

How would I add an application to a file type's available launch services (the "Open With" menu when you right-click (ctrl-click) a file)? For example, if I want TXT files to list "Microsoft Excel" in the "Open With" menu, how would I do this? more »

How copyright infringement can get complicated

copyright, hacks, open source, wtf?
This is fascinating ([*"Digging The Madness of Crowds"*]( by [nat]( at [O'Reilly Radar]( > Earlier today, O'Reill… more »

"Go Dumb" - J. Valentine (feat. Bailey) - Lyrics

So, if you listen to any Bay Area hip-hop, you'd have noticed a unique song in heavy rotation. This song, "Go Dumb", is largely vocals only and is sung by J. Valentine of City Boyz (with a rap at the end by [Champ Bailey]). What makes it even better i… more »

Inside Bay Area - Local News

elections, reform, news, privacy, berkeley, policy
We may get all-mail voting here in Alameda county (Berkeley and Oakland). From Ian Hoffman ([*"Registrar keen on idea of all-mail voting for county"*]( > In the chaotic marketplace for voting e… more »

UC Blogging Class

blogging, berkeley, education
via [Scot]( > UC Extension Blogging Class > Local blog news -- Birdhouse user Tom Abate writes: > UC Extension will offer a one-day seminar for aspiring bloggers on Sat… more »

E-voting source code NOT to be opened in Wisconsin

elections, reform, copyright, news, open source, policy, legal
**UPDATE [2006-01-05T12:56:32]:** Unfortunately, all the hub-ub was about a draft of the bill as introduced, [the version as passed into law]( has none of the disclosure of code language and instea… more »

Paste plain text into Mac Word documents using a shortcut

hacks, usability, education
Man, one thing that makes my life a tad bit more difficult is pasting copied text into Word documents and then having Word render the text in some font other than what the document font is set at. One way around this is a kludge: you can hit Edit -… more »
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