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> President Bush acknowledged on Saturday that he had ordered the National Security Agency to conduct an electronic eavesdropping program in the United States without first obtaining warrants, and said he would continue the highly classified program bec… more »

Working with people...

Lately, interactions I've been having with certain groups remind me of a [Lyndon Johnson] quote in reference to [J. Edgar Hoover]: > It's probably better to have him inside the tent pissing out, than outside the tent pissing in. [J. Edgar Hoover]:… more »

The Afghan Music Project

music, berkeley
This is a great piece of music and all proceeds go to a good cause (I got it via iTunes): > The [Afghan Music Project] (AMP) is a mixed media social venture, seeking to raise awareness of Afghan culture through music. All proceeds from the project wi… more »

A very rough way to judge classroom blog participation...

blogging, hacks, open source, SIMS, policy, education
In our [OSDDDI] course, contributing to [the class blog] is part of each student's participation grade. It's not weighted particularly heavily and is not the centerpiece of the course, but it can make a difference for students on the border between one… more »

AppleCare Rocks

So, last week my powerbook was dying with some sort of trackpad temperature sensor malfunction. Sent it in on Thursday to AppleCare overnight in a box they sent me overnight the day before. By the end of the day Friday they had replaced the top case a… more »

NYT: Military's Information War Is Vast and Often Secretive

["We call our stuff information and the enemy's propaganda."]( more »

A note on citing Wikipedia...

open source, research, education
I encourage citing good Wikipedia articles in student papers (court opinions or legal complaints [are another matter]( however, it must be done correctly and conscious of the fact that Wikipedia assertions sh… more »

Freaky computer woes...

Why, God of Bits and Silicon, do you choose finals season to take our computers away from us to the hallowed hall of computer repair? I just had the freakiest behavior ever from my Powerbook. It just forced itself to go to sleep and nothing… more »

New paper on ballot design...

elections, accessibility, reform, politics, problems, research
It's an exciting time to be a voting systems researcher. [Michael Alvarez]( of CalTech points ([*"New research paper on ballot design"*](… more »

Voting System Information Database

elections, reform, open source, politics, SIMS, research
I just presented the [Voting System Information Database]( that I've created for my final project in [Ray Larson]'s databases class. The data was taken largely from the VVF's [Verifier] tool but I intend for the VSID to b… more »

Cool Voting Machine on eBay...

elections, vendors
I can't afford this, but I encourage someone to buy it... it's a neat old-school voting machine made by Automatic Voting Machine Corp.: more »

Anarchism and Open Source...

open source, politics, SIMS, berkeley, friends
[Mano] over at the [OSDDDI blog] posts on the similarities and differences between anarchism and open source ([*"Open source and politics"*]( One thing he says is particularly interesting about how Wikiped… more »

FireFox 1.5, good

I installed [FireFox 1.5]( this morning and have been using it all day. It's a pretty sweet user experience. It seems much more stable than the 1.0.x line and positively smokes when it comes to speed.… more »

Recent Shows...

Michelle and I have been lucky enough to see a number of recent shows that have been very good. This past Wednesday, we got to see [GoGoGo Airheart] play BoTH. It was a great show with GoGoGo's uniquely Californian and slightly nerdy-disco sound keepi… more »

Make old extensions work with new FireFox

hacks, open source, education
Here's some simple instructions to get most FireFox 1.0 extensions to work in 1.5 (although some truly need upgrades). I got this from the following blog post: [*"Make Old Extensions Work in Firefox 1.5"*](… more »

Getting perl's DBD::mysql module to install on Mac OS X

hacks, education
If you want perl programs to interface with a MySQL database, you will probably want to use the [DBD::mysql] module. On Mac OS X, there's a few extra things you have to do to get this module to compile correctly. Here's the skinny... [DBD::mysql]: ht… more »
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