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Classic Pumpkin Pie

recipe, food, education
Here is a recipe for classic pumpkin pie. Pumpkin pie is not hard to make. (...which means you can take the time to make fresh pie crust! Note: However, there's nothing wrong with store bought pie dough.) Recipe below the fold... Tools: *… more »


wtf?, policy
From [*"Turkey With a Dash of Bitters - New York Times"*]( > When we sit down to dinner tomorrow, we will be thankful that our daughter and son-in-law are expecting their first child. We will… more »

What the Google Print debate exposes... Or: a sub-standard NPR Ethicist segment...

copyright, wtf?, policy, education
It's a testament to how strained copyright is to listen to this very crappy NPR Ethicist segment from Sunday's All Things Considered, [*"Google's Book Search Tool"*]( It's painful to listen… more »

Our SoS responds, technologically, to criticism...

elections, certification/testing, reform, vendors, feeds, news, policy
There's been a variety of flurried harumpfing today over allegations that the California Secretary of State's office "changed the rules" right before a meeting this Monday that will decide the fate of the (currently pending) state certification of the D… more »

AB 369 in California

elections, certification/testing, vendors, news, legal
There's a bill that implicates electronic voting in the California Assembly that I haven't heard anyone mention. The bill is AB 369 and it's title is cryptic and undescriptive: ["An act to amend Section 19250 of the Elections Code, relating to vot… more »

Converting strings to titlecase in perl

hacks, open source
There doesn't seem to be a function in perl for taking a string and returning the string in titlecase (titlecase is where the first letter of each word is capitalized). So, I wrote one. You should be able to drop this subroutine into any perl progra… more »

The purrrrrrrfect bird...

recipe, SIMS, berkeley, friends, food
[Judd]( has his notes up on [the perfect thanksgiving bird]( Damn, I'm ready to try this out... (I've brined my birds using the [Chez… more »

Alamed Co. voting systems demonstration...

elections, certification/testing, accessibility, vendors, news, privacy, SIMS, berkeley, policy, usability
Many of us voting-interested locals went down to the Alameda County Conference Center yesterday to see Diebold, ES&S, Sequoia and HartIntercivic demonstrated different types of VVPAT-enabled voting systems. [Ping]( has a great post… more »

Copy protection infringing copyright?

copyright, hacks, open source, wtf?, secrecy, research, policy, DRM, legal
*([Cross posted][1] to the OSDDDI blog.)* To protect its own intellectual property, Sony BMG appears to be blatantly infringing the copyright of others. Undoubtedly, many of you have heard about the *[rootkit][2]* that is [installed on Windows P… more »

More on voting glitches from Tuesday...

elections, reform, news, problems, research, policy
I'm going to summarize a few very interesting voting glitches that we saw last week. (in order of interest to me.) [San Joaquin County, California - S.J. County has election night deja vu](… more »

SIMS Wikipedia entry

SIMS, berkeley, education
After two great talks on [Wikipedia], I realized that SIMS doesn't have a Wikipedia page... so I started one here: Please add to it! [Wikipedia]: more »

Mitch Kapor speaks at SIMS

open source, SIMS, berkeley, friends, policy, podcasts, education
Today, [Mitch Kapor] gave the last talk of the [SIMS][sims] [Distinguished Lecture Series] for the Fall 2005 semester (audio linked to below). His talk, "Thirteen Ways to Look at the Wikipedia", was a superb capstone to the series (as well as a great f… more »

Arnold hits a voting glitch

elections, news, wtf?, problems
Looks like voting glitches do not discriminate (from [*"Schwarzenegger Hits Snag at Polling Place"*](,0,7268769.story)): > Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger showed up to his Brentwood neighborhood polling… more »

Technorati breaks into mainstream media?

blogging, feeds, wtf?, DRM
Like many, I watch my stats... I saw some hits to my recent post, [*"DRM can kill..."*](, from the [Washington Post]( and was surprised. I mean, who gives a shit w… more »

We might not need totally secret ballot...

elections, reform, news, policy
[Thad Hall] over at the [Election Updates] blog rightly points out in [*"An Interesting Question: Do We Need Secret Ballots?"*][1] the flawed thinking of [Lynn Landes]' article [*"Scrap the 'Secret' Ballot -- Return to Open Voting"*][2]. As Hall points… more »

DRM can kill...

music, copyright, hacks, wtf?, secrecy, p2p, DRM, legal
[Ed Felten] has been doing a great job of tracking the unfoling Sony BMG DRM/rootkit fiasco... and there's now some evidence that this rootkit can seriously comprmise system security. Prof. Felten [pointed out][1] that the company has claimed that their… more »

Jimmy Wales' talk at SIMS

copyright, open source, SIMS, berkeley, friends, podcasts, education
[Danah] was able to get [Jimmy "Jimbo" Wales] -- founder of [Wikipedia] -- for a talk at [SIMS] amid his very hectic schedule. The room was packed and I know even more who couldn't attend. Lucky for them, I recorded the talk (also lucky for them, Jimm… more »

Changing text encoding in emacs...

This is an oldie but a goodie... to change the way text is encoded with emacs, type: C-x RET f unix RET which will change a file from whatever encoding it's in (DOS or MAC, for example) to unix. Then save it (`C-x C-s`). more »
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