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Avi's new book...

elections, reform, news, friends, research
[ACCURATE] director [Avi Rubin]'s new book, [**Brave New Ballot: The Battle to Safeguard Democracy in the Age of Electronic Voting**][1], is available for pre-order at [ACCURATE]: [Avi Rubin]: http://www.cs.jh… more »

Shows page back up...

music, feeds, hacks
So, I've revitalized my [Shows page] which lists concerts and other musical engagements that I'm likely to be found at. It now has [a feed]. Technical details about the schema, xml and such below the fold. [Shows page]:… more »

Danzig O' Lantern

Yes. I have carved a pumpkin in the form of the [Danzig]( skull. more »

Sony's got balls...

wtf?, SIMS, San Francisco
Check out [this Sony commercial]( where they unleashed a ton o' balls on an SF hill. Or as [Sean]( put it: > You think the last thing I'd ever do is po… more »

Forbes barfs on blogging

blogging, copyright, SCO, wtf?, chilling effects, policy, legal, threats
So, [Forbes][1] has a series of ridiculous pieces that make up it's cover story for the November 14 issue. The first ([*"Attack of the Blogs"*][2]) is a piece that generalizes about "attack blogs" using one lengthy example and a bunch of crap sprinkled… more »

recent shows... the Gossip, Bauhaus

Saw [We Are Wolves], [Erase Errata] (or what's left of it after their guitarist, Sarah, left the band) and [the Gossip] at the [Bottom of the Hill] on Saturday. It was a great show and We Are Wolves were especially neat... they're French... possibly Qu… more »

Electronic Voting in Brazil and Argentina

elections, news, politics, SIMS, berkeley, friends, research, policy
If you're interested in electronic voting issues in other countries, here are two great posts about Brazil and Argentina, respectively: * [*"Electronic Voting in Brazil"*]( By… more »

More coverage on GAO report...

elections, reform, standards, news, open source, politics, problems, friends, research, policy
[Kim] and I are quoted in a story today ([*"Report finds e-vote promise, problems"*][1]) about the [GAO report] in the [Oakland Tribune] by Ian Hoffman. Man, my first quote makes me sound like a high school girl... the second one is pretty good, thou… more »

Care for your absentee ballot...

elections, accessibility, news, privacy, politics, berkeley, San Francisco, policy, education
Absentee voters should consider *not* sending their ballots back via postal mail. First, you'll save a stamp. Second, lots can happen -- spoiling, subversion, misplacement, etc. -- to your ballot between when you place it in the mail and when it a… more »

GAO e-voting report

system, elections, certification/testing, accessibility, reform, vendors, standards, news, open source, problems, research, policy, usability, legal
The GAO has finally released it's report on e-voting: Here's the first paragraph from the "What GAO found" section: > While electronic voting systems hold promise for improving the election process, numerous entities have raised concerns about t… more »

Berkeley Information Technology Review Committee

system, SIMS, berkeley, policy, education
I have just been chosen as the graduate student representative to the Berkeley Information Technology Review Committee. (I've spent the past year on the [eBerkeley Steering Committee] and the previous two years on the [eBerkeley Educational Technology… more »

"History of Voting Systems in California" by Ed Arnold

elections, certification/testing, standards, copyright, research, policy
Courtesy of [Kim Alexander] of the [CVF][cvf], I have obtained a copy of **[History of Voting Systems in California][h]** (3.4MB PDF) by Ed Arnold. This document is from the California Secretary of State from the Bill Jones era -- around 1999 -- a… more »

Prefacing lines in emacs...

hacks, SIMS, berkeley, education
So, I wanted a way to insert the string `PROMPT` in front of every line in a region of a text file. (This is for an [SQL]( script for [Ray]'s [DB Mgmt. class].). [Ray]: [DB Mgmt. cla… more »

What if...

What if the bush administrations horrible response to Katrina was actually a brilliant Rovian strategic move? That is, non-profit and public interest organizations that are not in the business of relief are really really hurting right now. Donatio… more »

Documents surface in NC with Diebold and Gaston Co.

elections, vendors, hacks, wtf?, politics, problems, litigation, research, policy, legal
[This document][1] (from Joyce McCloy [of NCVV][2]) is fascinating. It is an exchange between an attorney at Diebold Election Systems, Inc. (DESI) and the general counsel for the North Carolina State Board of Elections. It mostly centers around a f… more »


I've eaten four of these already. more »
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