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ACCURATE's comments to the EAC on 2005 VVSG

system, elections, certification/testing, accessibility, reform, vendors, standards, SIMS, berkeley, problems, research, policy, usability, legal
Here is the 50-page document that has been ruling my life (and the lives of a few others) for the past month: This is [ACCURATE][1]'s comments on the [2005 VVSG][2] to the [EAC][3]. Enjoy. I'll return to this later today or tomorrow to explain a… more »

Report from ?Making a Business on Free Software?

open source, berkeley
(This is cross-posted to [the OSDDDI blog][1]) I attended the [Berkeley Entrepreneurs Forum][2]'s (BEF) session entitled ["Open Source: Making a Business on Free Software"][3] last night (Note: this is not the Stallman-sense of "free software").… more »

Top or Bottom?

Are you [top or bottom]( more »

Birthday present to Dad...

family, food
Here's my brother and my birthday present to our dad... it's Black Maple Hill cask #7 21-year-old Kentucky Bourbon: more »

Pics of Rita Remanents in West Texas

chilling effects, photos, family, friends
**UPDATE [2005-09-27 06:54:49]:** It appears these photos were not authentic. In fact, a reader contacted me and said, "If you run a simple web search for any of the file names in your site, you'd find that the photos are actually photos of Cyclone Ing… more »

The clownside of soapbox-ism

blogging, wtf?, chilling effects
[This is total bullshit](,1895,1862256,00.asp). **UPDATE [2005-09-24 10:08:20]:** Later, a great comment from [Paul Saffo]( > If newspapers are the "first draft" of history, blogs and other f… more »

Voting without a home?

elections, chilling effects, problems, policy, legal
How do you vote and register to vote if you don't have a home? Well, it depends on where you live in the U.S. This chart: could be useful if someone you know no longer has a home and would like to exercise the franchise in this Fall's elections. more »

Need to get a paper accepted... cite the reviewers!

hacks, research, education
A new, simple [study][1] shows that (for one journal) your chances of getting published increase if you cite those reviewing your paper. More below the fold: [1]: > ### [Cite Your Re… more »

Creating release notes from CVS logs...

system, hacks
[cvs2cl] is a great perl script that will take CVS log entries and produce a well-organized change log or set of release notes. (*It's currently in need of a maintainer if anyone out there can handle that.*) [cvs2cl]: more »

EML moves in the direction of an ISO standard...

elections, certification/testing, standards, open source, politics, policy
The [Election Markup Language] (EML) has just begun the process of becoming and official [OASIS][OASIS] standard. The public comment period started yesterday and goes until 14 Nov 2005. This is the first step towards making EML an ISO standard. In… more »

Hacking to make a point...

hacks, SIMS, berkeley, friends, policy, education
[Yuri][1], to make a particularly important policy point, [whipped up a small script][2] that harvests 23,864 UC Berkeley email addresses from [][3]. Read his post... he also does some interesting statistical stuff with the list o… more »

at NIST workshop...

elections, hacks, secrecy, problems, policy
I'll be at the [NIST]( workshop on ["Developing an Analysis of Threats to Voting Systems"]( in Maryland on 7 October 2005. I'll see you there... more »

Wow. Hacker Court

hacks, legal, education
Wow. When did I *not* hear about [Hacker Court](!?! > Hacker Court is an organization of professionals from legal and technical fields researching the challenges of presenting technical evidence in court. Many computer fo… more »

Send me S/MIME encrypted email...

hacks, open source, secrecy
You can now send me [S/MIME] encrypted email... and if you use [GMail] and [Firefox], you can use the [S/MIME Firefox extension] for Gmail, too! To download the certificate for my Digital ID: . [S/MIME]: [GMail]… more »

Firefox 1.0.6, bad

hacks, open source
So, I've determined that [Firefox][Firefox] [1.0.6] is not right for me... I'm going to stick to [1.0.5] until the [1.5 version] comes out (and possibly even until all my favorite [extensions] are tooled to run in 1.5). [Firefox]: http://www.mozilla.… more »

Way meta...

blogging, friends, exercise
> Folks out there in Bloglandia seem really often to run up against the same kinds of concerns at the same moments, without necessarily knowing about one another, as though there?s something in the zeitgeist that suddenly makes its way to consciousnes… more »

Ah, Security

system, secrecy, berkeley, policy
##### (So, I actually debated with myself as to whether or not I should blog this... in the end, I figured I should. Hopefully, no one will loose their job and any remedy won't cost Berkeley's EECS department too much in terms of resources.) I was g… more »

Stewart on Cheney...

wtf?, politics
John Stewart on the [Daily Show] [last night] in reference to someone who said, "Go fuck yourself, Mr. Cheney." during a [live press interaction] with the vice president in Louisianna yesterday: [Daily Show]:… more »

My Orphan Work Comment in the SF Guardian

copyright, chilling effects, San Francisco, policy, legal
[My comment]( submitted to the LOC's [Orphan Works RFC]( was mentioned in an [SF Guardian]( article by Matthew Hirsch: [*"… more »

ACCURATE web site launch

elections, news, research
We've launched the web site for [ACCURATE][ACCURATE]. [ACCURATE]: more »

Microphones can record keystrokes

hacks, privacy, SIMS, berkeley, research
Microphones placed near keyboards can record keystrokes ([*"Keyboard Acoustic Emanations Revisited"*]( [Doug] and colleagues have [a new paper] that talks about how their ne… more »

How to do a hard reset on the Jabra BT250v

I just got a new bluetooth headset... the [Jabra BT250v]( It's a great headset (although it appears to be a bit hard for people to hear me in windy environm… more »
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