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Illinois opens voting system testing information

elections, certification/testing, reform, vendors, news, litigation, policy, legal
(via Alan of the OVC) Illinois just passed [House Bill 1968]( which states (in part): > All test plans, test results, documentation, and other records used to plan, execute, and record the… more »

Was Robertson's Chavez threat criminal?

wtf?, chilling effects, legal, threats
On the books, there's this midemeanor: > "Whoever willfully -- (1) ... threatens ... a foreign official ..., [or] (2) attempts to... threaten ... a foreign official ... shall be fined under this titled or imprisoned not more than six months, or both.… more »

Google IM [...It works already!]

> ### Google to launch instant messaging program: report > Google reportedly plans to launch an instant messaging program as early as this week, in a challenge to America Online, Yahoo and Microsoft. > "Google Talk" will allow computer users to ch… more »

Niyazov bans recorded music in Turkmenistan

music, wtf?, legal
> ### [Turkman president bans recorded music]( > Turkmenistan President Saparmurat Niyazov has deemed recorded music a negative influence on society and banned it from public events, TV and wed… more »

Executing PHP in Perl just got easier...

> Now anyone can natively execute PHP 5 code from a Perl application. From, [*"Bricolage Now has PHP 5 Templating"*]( more »

ESI to test voting machines...

elections, certification/testing, hacks, research, policy
Looks like the Election Sciences Institute has an agreement with Franklin County, OH to test their incoming ES&S electronic voting machines. > ### [Computer experts to review voting machines](… more »

Licensing Woes...

elections, copyright, hacks, open source, chilling effects, SIMS, policy, legal
Anyone out there that will be taking our [class on open source] this fall (taught by Pam Samuelson, Steve Weber and Mitch Kapor) will soon appreciate this (if they don't already): In the process of managing the development of the [Verified Voting Founda… more »

I learned something today...

elections, reform, politics, research, policy, education
> ### Duverger's Law, Duverger's Hypothesis > In 1951, the French political scientist, [Maurice Duverger](, formulated what he called "a true sociological law" concerning the effects of different electora… more »

Atty letter (on behalf of no one) claims AutoMARK is not accessible...

elections, certification/testing, accessibility, vendors, news, wtf?, politics, litigation, usability, legal
John McDermott, the attorney that represented the AAPD in their unsuccessful attempt to nullify, California's former Secretary of State, Kevin Shelley's decertification order for some DREs last year, is apparently sending threatening letters to Californ… more »

Desperate need for PHP programmers at VerifiedVoting

elections, hacks, open source
***!!! PLEASE PASS AROUND, FORWARD, ETC. !!!*** [Verified Voting] has a desperate need for programmers with PHP and MySQL knowledge that have a few hours per week to help code the 2005 version of the [Election Incident Reporting System][EIRS] (EIRS)… more »


elections, accessibility, SIMS, berkeley, research, policy, usability
It's really been tough not being able to talk about this, but it has now hit the press. The NSF has funded our center-level CyberTrust proposal titled, "A Center for Correct, Usable, Reliable, Accurate and Transparent Elections" (ACCURATE) to the tune… more »

the fam

photos, family
Here's a great shot of (a good chunk of) the Hall fam (me, Sherrie, my Dad and my brother Richard): more »

Google gets a bit closer to evil...

blogging, wtf?, chilling effects, privacy
Google has some sort of new private, desktop search thing coming out. I think. At a minimum, they've just increased their ability to monitor what search results you click on. If you're using FireFox, go to [Google] and do a search. Like [this one]… more »


I've been thinking a lot about this [Modest Mouse] lyric from the song ["Lives"]: > Everyone's afraid of their own life > If you could be anything you want > I bet you'd be disappointed, am I right? ["Lives"]:… more »

You may soon need a BS in CS to code software...

hacks, open source, SIMS, friends, policy Brazil. [Yuri] has the details: [*"Professional Regulation in Brazil"*]( [Yuri]: more »

Weber on Iraq

open source, politics, SIMS, berkeley, policy
Check out UC Berkeley Prof. [Steve Weber] on what to do in Iraq ([*"A Modest Proposal for Iraq"*][1]): [Steve Weber]: [1]: > Here'… more »

The Automark is accessible... no matter what Jim Dixon says

elections, accessibility, vendors, news, usability
Jim Dixon wrote [a letter] on 5 February 2005 to Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell claiming that the [Automark ballot marking device] "is not accessible for those disabled Buckeyes who cannot handle paper." In a recent post, [Prof. Dan Tokaji opine… more »

Diebold Election Systems in the news in CA and FL...

elections, certification/testing, standards, copyright, news, usability
I've got two juicy things to report about recent happenings with Diebold Election Systems: * In Florida, Diebold is claiming that they will "move to protect their proprietary interests" if any other competing vendor submits a voting system component… more »
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