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We have a tenth planet...

space, astrophysics, berkeley
Astronomers [have discovered][1] a tenth planet, Lila (see note on name below)... modulo the debate about what is considered a planet; for which I point you to [Gibor Basri]'s great essay: [*Defining "Planet"*](… more »


Congratulations to Molly and Robert Van Houweling for accepting professorships at UC Berkeley's Law School and Political Science Department, respectively. They'll both be wonderful additions to the Berkeley faculty. Molly specializes in IP (and teache… more »

I'm a blogging slacker...

blogging, wtf?
Here are a few brief comments that I have been meaning to blog about but just haven't gotten around to... I could write a page on each of these, but won't: * Do you check your friends blogs as frequently as your rivals? * Have you ever had a "why… more »

MSN Virtual Earth and Cal...

berkeley, photos
Look, MSN Virtual Earth uses [a picture](|-122.251132&style=h&lvl=18&v=1) taken during a Cal game. Wicked! more »

Keep RFIDs out of CA state IDs...

chilling effects, policy, legal, education
If you are a resident of the state of California, please take a minute to let your state assemblyman know that you support SB 682, a bill that would prohibit the use of RFIDs in state-issued ID cards (like driver's licenses and UC student IDs!). The bi… more »

Back in space...

space, policy
I'm not necessarily the praying type... but I pray for the seven astronauts that just successfully launched into LEO. Of course, launching isn't the easiest part, but it is not the hardest and it is where much can go wrong. With the previous two s… more »

A strange circle of connection...

wtf?, SIMS, photos, friends, podcasts
So frequently, I see connections I make come full circle in weird ways... here's a story of finding a picture of a cute kitty for my business card and the social network connections along the way. The image at left is a cute kitty, no? The first… more »

Slyck News - Difficult time for EZTV

copyright, p2p, research
Looks like we're seeing some interdiction of BitTorrent networks: [*"Difficult time for EZTV"*]( Apparently, the interdictors are trying to sap the bandwidth of seeding sites and downloaders (whose resources… more »

Running again...

So, I've started running regularly again... most of you might not know it, but I used to do olympic-distance (1.5 km swim / 40 km bike / 10 km run) [triathlons]. I loved them... especially the swimming and the running (biking is cool, it just requires… more »

A new way to read bloglines feeds...

blogging, feeds, hacks
I'm digging the direction and flavor of a new reader using the [Bloglines]( Web Services API: [Chameleon Reader]( It doesn't piss me off nearly as much as Bloglines does... but you'll still have to use… more »

EFF15: Freedom fighting created my career

elections, blogging, copyright, chilling effects, policy, legal
As part of the [EFF]'s 15th anniversary, they are having a [blog-a-thon] where people describe the "very first step you to took to stand up for your digital rights." It's impossible for me to remember the very first step I took for digital rights... I… more »

Bare Licenses vs. License Agreements on the IP List

copyright, open source, policy, legal
[Dave Farber] just posted [this response of mine] to his [IP list][ip] in a thread discussing the [recent, quite ridiculous Dvorak article] about [Creative Commons] in PC Magazine: [Dave Farber]: [ip]:… more »

Praise for Markdown...

blogging, hacks, open source, friends, usability
As posted by [Aaron] to the [Markdown list]: [Aaron]: [Markdown list]: > At a party the other night, the author of a client-side GUI weblog editor with a WYSIWYG e… more »

IE and CSS

hacks, open source, wtf?
Fuck Microsoft and their [non-support of CSS in IE]( more »

The height of pizza nerdery...

hacks, recipe, food
I really considered myself somewhat of a pizza nerd... I love trying new things and have spent a number of years working on [my dough] and collecting [some tips]. [my dough]: [some tips]: h… more »


SIMS, berkeley, friends, research
A belated congratulations to [Marc] and [Ryan] et al. for the oh-so cool [announcement] that [Yahoo Research Labs Berkeley] is live... (via [Ryan's blog]( [marc]: htt… more »

Which evil nation state are you? (similes for Microsoft, Yahoo and Google)

SIMS, friends
[Danah]( posts a great analogy for search companies... love it. Here is the gist (taken out of context): > **Microsoft i… more »

Bloglines sucks II

blogging, feeds, wtf?, usability
I'm going to publish every "[bloglines] sucks" letter that I send to them from now on... here's number two: **UPDATE [2005-08-10 09:52:27]:** I'm glad I'm not alone in feeling this way... [Doug] points to a few other complaints about bloglines in the… more »


This band, [Death By Doll], is really cool... artsy and macabre in just the right ways. I saw them open at the Hemlock for [Glass Candy]... and it was quite the treat. I especially like the tracks, "The Flame", "Aquaducts" and "Towing Jehova"... I don'… more »

How to turn off the display of b2evolution's massive antispam table

blogging, hacks, open source, usability
So, a while back [I complained][1] over in the [b2evo] Feature Request forum about how the antispam tab in the backend was not optimal. As the size of our self-reported blacklists grow so does the time it takes to render and download the antispam tab… more »

Courseware Lite?

hacks, open source, SIMS, education
So, I'm starting design for a web site for the [OSDDDI][1] class this fall taught by [Mitch Kapor], [Pam Samuelson] and [Steven Weber]. [1]: [Mitch Kapor]: [Pam Samu… more »

Seen in IM today...

>**Person 1**: academia seems more and more lame >**Person 2**: just no different than elsewhere more »

DJ Ripley and Kid Kameleon at the Elbo Room...

music, berkeley, San Francisco, friends
dj ripley -=- kid kameleon more »

WiFi on East Bay buses?

wtf?, berkeley
[Doug][] [points][] to an article (*"[AC Transit to debut Wi-Fi on buses]("*) that reports that AC Transit (our local East Bay bus company) will start providing WiFi on buses: [Doug]: http://tyg… more »

Reading SethF...

Are you reading [SethF]( If not, here's a taste of what you're missing: > O Lord, just give me one more tech bubble, one more collective financial insanity where I might be able to get founder's stock and be bought… more »

Photos from Where 2.0 and Oakland...

I'm posting a slew of photos I recently took in conjunction with [Where 2.0] and putzing about Lake Merritt here in Oakland. Highlights include: * photos of the [Yahoo Local]-sponsored Yahootini event at Where 2.0 from the 32nd floor of the [Westin S… more »

Astrologer suing NASA for hitting comet with spacecraft

wtf?, space, astronomy, law, legal, threats
Check this out...: > ### [Astrologist sues NASA over crash]( > MOSCOW, Russia (Reuters) -- A Russian astrologist who says NASA has altered her horoscope by crashing a spacecraft… more »

Pam Samuelson: "Did MGM Really Win the Grokster Case?"

copyright, open source, SIMS, berkeley, p2p, policy, legal
##### (Full disclosure: Pam is my adviser) Via the [RSS feed] of [Pam Samuelson]'s *[Papers]* page comes her forthcoming (Oct. 2005) article for [CACM]'s Legally Speaking column: *"[Did MGM Really Win the Grokster Case?]"*. Here's the take-away and… more »

Chris Hall's Barbecue Sauce

recipe, family, food
Man, does this bring back memories... (Chris is my dad). ### Chris Hall's Barbecue Sauce * One large onion, chopped * 3 cloves garlic, finely chopped * 6 T olive oil * 2 cups catsup * 3/4 cups light corn syrup * 1 1/2 T brown sugar * 3/… more »

Preparing for battle...

politics, legal
> "This is one of those moments in American history," said Ralph G. Neas, president of the liberal People for the American Way. "No matter what side you're on, everything you've believed in, everything you've cared about, everything you've fought for is… more »

No p2p setbacks in Taiwan...

music, copyright, SIMS, p2p, policy, legal
Courtesy of [Doug]( > ### [Ezpeer found not guilty in landmark copyright verdict][1] [1]: > #####… more »
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