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Mary on what to do in an era of Grokster...

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[Mary] makes a pointed observation (*["The 5-8 Year Problem: Asking the Ocean To Turn Back Won't Work With Digital Media Tides"](*): [Mary]: > Chatting with Jason Sc… more »

Yahoo local's yahoos...

So, at [Where 2.0] (with [AnnaLee], [Jason], [Sean], and [Jon] to name a few), the vendor booths are pretty damn cool... Google Earth is freakin' awesome and MSN Virtual Earth seems like it will be cool (although the demos only seem to do Seattle right… more »

Best pizza in the East Bay...

berkeley, food
**UPDATE [2009-11-04T14:28:54]:** Gioia is now my number 2, after Emilia's Pizzeria at Shattuck and Ashby. This is, hands-down, the best pizza in the East Bay. (I know some of you will yell, "Arinell's!" or "Zachary's!" or even "Cheeseboard!" bu… more »

Design communications that leave no trace?

copyright, hacks, open source, chilling effects, p2p, policy, legal
(I'm so chatty lately... sorry...) While reading a post of Ernie Miller's on the interesting issues posed to open source by the Grokster decision (*"[Grokster and Open Source: Will Open Source Force the Court to Confront Sony?][1]"*), I realized wha… more »

A lesson in allegorical discretion from Kathleen...

blogging, privacy
Wow. You all *must read* comment number 4 on [this post]( This is the coolest I've ever seen in terms of trying to tell a confidential story in allegory... Kathleen uses two toes on… more »

At where 2.0... (well not all of it, due to the EAC)

elections, certification/testing, reform, standards, San Francisco, research, policy, usability
I'll be at some or all of [Where 2.0] here in SF... let me know if your going to be there and what I shouldn't miss. [Where 2.0]: (Unfortunately, the EAC [has released](… more »

Crappy NYT editorial on Grokster...

copyright, wtf?, p2p, policy, legal
Take a look at this piece of shit of an editorial... I grow farther from the NYT every day (*"[Stands Strongly Against Theft on the Internet ...]("*): > In another landmark decision, the Supreme C… more »

Grokster reversed and remanded...

copyright, p2p
Just got an IM from Matt Zimmerman (EFF) who said Cindy Cohn (EFF) just received a call from the clerk of the Supreme Court and Grokster has been reversed and remanded. Apparently, it was a unanimous decision!!! Here's the decision: Breyer concu… more »

Take a quick blog survey...

Please take the following blog survey if you are a blogger... your 15 minutes of time will help to increase our understanding of how and why people blog. more »

My comments to the CA SoS's request on AVVPAT regulations...

elections, certification/testing, accessibility, reform, standards, news, privacy, research, policy, usability, legal
Our SoS has [requested comments] from the public on legislation surrounding [requirements for AVVPAT][regs] in voting systems sold in California. Here is the text of what I submitted... **UPDATE [2005-06-24 16:12:49]:** The EFF and CVF have co-autho… more »

MobBlog for Grokster...

blogging, copyright, p2p, policy, legal
[Randy Picker] has set up a *[MobBlog]* which will serve as a clearinghouse for expert commentary on the Supreme Court's upcoming decision on *MGM v. Grokster*... commentators include: [Doug Lichtman](, [Jes… more »

Device interoperability for digital music is illegal in the UK...

music, copyright, wtf?, policy, legal
I didn't know this, but while reading [The Register], an author claimed that ripping music CDs to play songs in an iPod was illegal in the UK. Apparently, this is so... making *any copies of a music CD is illegal in the UK* (snippet below is from a fea… more »

RSS feed of U.S. Supreme Court slip opinions...

feeds, legal
Here is a [feed] for the U.S. Supreme Court's [slip opinions page]. ([thanks Carlo]!) [thanks Carlo]: [slip opinions page]:… more »

Grokster could be announced on a Thursday...

copyright, p2p, policy, legal
Via the [EFF]'s announcement of a decision-day [press conference]: [press conference]: [EFF]: > The Court has already scheduled opinion announcements for 10:00a on June 20th,… more »

Video of re-examination of the Unilect Patriot voting system...

elections, certification/testing, vendors, standards, policy
[Justin Moore] has digitized video that [Joyce McCloy] obtained from the Pennsylvania's SoS. Find torrent links to the movies below... and please keep your BitTorrent software open after done downloading to help distribute the bandwidth. **UPDATE[20… more »

Computing in bright environments with a Mac...

hacks, friends
Ever had a problem seeing your Mac's screen in a bright environment? Is the glare on your Mac's screen too much sometimes to see in sunlit spaces? Well, thanks to [Sean], I now [know the answer]: hit `Ctrl-Opt-Cmd-8`. This will (I think) negate the c… more »

Amazon labeling CDs as "Copy Protected"?

copyright, policy, DRM
This is the first time I've ever seen a CD on Amazon listed as [COPY PROTECTED CD] (they're usually listed as ENHANCED or something else). It's the upcoming CD of Amici Forever, *Defined*. This is likely due to Amazon customers complaining about… more »

Losing patience with Bloglines... it's starting to suck!

system, blogging, feeds, wtf?, chilling effects, usability
I am totally losing my patience with [Bloglines]( Their interface has been wholly inconsistent for the past week. Things such as omission of the "collapse" feature (which allows skipping a bunch of entries… more »

The opposite of fill-paragraph in Emacs...

So, like many [emacs]( users, I occasionally need to do the opposite of a specific command. Case in point, the `M-q` command which does the function `fill-paragraph` will take a line that is too long and jus… more »

Favorite Podcasts...

music, podcasts
I've been using [iPodder] to check out a few podcasts lately... and I have to plug a few of the cool ones I've found... (be warned: these are as weird as my tastes... which are plenty weird) [iPodder]:… more »

Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.1 for PCs leaked...

copyright, hacks, secrecy, p2p
Well, it seems that [operating systems want to be free]( too... **UPDATE [2005-06-14 11:15:20]:** Turns out that this is a [hoax]. [hoax]:… more »

PlaceSite in NYT

SIMS, berkeley, friends, food, policy
[Sean], [Jon] and Damon McCormick's project [PlaceSite] made it into a story in today's NYT on cafes throttling back the free WiFi: [PlaceSite]: [Sean]: [Jon]: http://www.offhand… more »

Lots going on at NASA...

space, policy, patents, politics, research
There is a lot going on at NASA. Firings, layoffs, contract cancellations and hints of center reorganizations and maybe even a closure. First, it appearts the the new NASA administrator, Michael Griffin, plans on letting go of 20-50 high-level ma… more »

Independent Label Trade Group

music, copyright, p2p, legal, podcasts
From [Digital Music News][0]: [0]: [1]: > ### [Indie Labels Flex Collective Muscle With New Trade Group][1] > **In an attempt to counter the market power of the four major m… more »

Flaky web services...

What's with the flakiness of Bloglines, GMail and I love each of them, but when things go wrong, they go really wrong. Right now [2005-06-08 15:12:38], Bloglines is doing this thing where it repeatedly asks me to re-login. Stability, peo… more »

The last Peel session...

I just got a copy of the [Hot Snakes]' recent 7" recorded as a Peel session in the UK. Apparently, it was the last Peel session ever as [John Peel] died a week later on vacation in Perú. It's very good, pressed on red vinyl and there are a few… more »

Privacy leakage via Netflix...

wtf?, privacy
Someone in my apartment building has been stealing our Netflix videos (the videos don't fit in our mail slots and are placed outside of our locked mailboxes). If they just borrowed them for a day or so to watch them and then returned them (or even sent… more »

Veronica Lipgloss, Glass Candy and the Man with the Screaming Brain

music, San Francisco
So, we've got an exciting Wednesday and Thursday evening set up... Wednesday we're off to the theatre to see *[eviL DeaD Live]* at the [Victoria Theatre] and then on Thursday we'll see the movie *[the Man with the Screaming Brain]* at [the Roxie] and th… more »

NQB2 on the move! (Or "How to move a b2evo blog")

system, blogging, hacks
So you may notice that I've moved NQB2 to a new web host (hint: take a look at the new URL... ). You should update your feeds (see the list in the panel at right). It was a pretty clean move, if you notice any funny business, please send me an ema… more »

Tales from the Long Tail... (No. 1)

music, copyright, p2p, podcasts
So, I've changed the title of my podcast to **Tales from the Long Tail**. ##### However, I can't promise that I'll do podcasting more than semi-monthly but do let me know what you want to hear more of. Why the new name? Well, I'd like to devote… more »

People voting twice...

elections, hacks, problems, litigation, policy, legal
People do vote more than once. This report is from Seattle... I'm not convinced we catch them all ([**Two Plead Guilty to Voting Twice in 2004**]( > As the res… more »
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