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Upgrading to Tiger...

I finally upgraded to Tiger... doing an erase and install, using Joe Kissell's [*"Take Control of Upgrading to Tiger"*](!pt=MW-EXCERPT-TCUT1) which is a wonderful document. The only thing that… more »

Worst... travel experience... ever

wtf?, friends, research, policy
I'm going to take a few paragraphs to describe my recent six-day business trip to Baltimore and then Amsterdam with my wonderful boss [Deirdre][2] of the [SLTPPC][1]. It will obviously -- due to sheer hellishness -- stand as the trip by which I measure… more »

Panama's problems with Social Security reform...

family, policy
Just got this in an email from my bro, Richard, down in Panama (with the [Corps]): > Lots of [protests in Panama today][1]. The government released their plan to reform Panama's Social Security, which has massive problems. The big thing was an incr… more »

It's an exodus, y'all...

system, blogging, hacks, open source, SIMS
Like [Judd] (and [so][so] [many] sims students), I'm going to be moving on to my own domain. I just got [] and will move this blog to ``, as soon as I can find a good web host. [judd]: http://www.technotaste.… more »


From the NYT (["U.S. Denounces Release of Candid Hussein Photographs"]( > A lawyer for… more »

Macrovision patents hacking...

copyright, hacks, patents, legal
Guess who filed a patent application for polluting, posioning and launching DOS attacks against p2p networks? [Macrovision did][1]. [1]: more »

A change in name...

SIMS, berkeley
I just heard through the grapevine that my school, [UC Berkeley][ucb]'s [School of Information Management and Systems][sims] (SIMS) will soon be called UC Berkeley's School of Information. I suppose that will mean our domain will change... ho hum, time… more »


Well, I'm off to [SSAW]... it should be fun but I'm not as excited as I should be. Why? Well, I've caught some sort of sickness (probably just a cold) and presenting a paper and moderating a panel doesn't seem like a good way to recouperate. Plus, I'm… more »

Dual Photography

hacks, privacy, photos, research
This is really cool... [*"Dual Photography"*]( And, in addition to computer graphics, it seems to have privacy implications. more »

Chocolate cake...

recipe, food
I can still bake and frost a mean chocolate yellow cake: Cakes are easier to make than people think (yes, this is coming from the mouth of a former pastry chef). You can get by with store-bought cake mix, but don't settle for store-bought frosti… more »

Another change to NQB2 feeds...

system, blogging, feeds
I've changed the NQB2 feed scheme again... read on if you care or liked the full-text feeds. A few people have contacted me wanting the option of subscribing to an NQB2 feed without the full text of the entries. So, I've rolled back the previous… more »

A crazy flower...

wtf?, photos
I saw the craziest flower on the way to school the other day... I have no idea what it is: **UPDATE [2005-05-08 14:31:55]:** As [Morganya] notes, it's a [passion flower]! I don't think I've ever seen one of these before in my life. [Morganya]… more »

GPL'd audio editing software for the Mac... Audacity

music, blogging, open source, podcasts
If you ever edit audio (like for podcasts) on a Mac, you *have* to check out [Audacity]... much, much, much better by far than silly GarageBand. I figured out most of the tools in 5 minutes (and it even has an envelope tool for fading samples in!). [… more »

An example of what to do when Apple breaks things...

system, hacks, usability
##### (or how to get the Brahms Composer and AgentViewer running under Mac OS X 10.3.8 on an external drive's partition) A few weeks ago, Apple pushed its version 10.3.9 update of its operating system via Software Update. Many of us geeky Mac users… more »

Doug on GMail...

SIMS, berkeley, friends, usability
If you need a break from coding, analysis or writing papers as the semester draws to a close, check out [Doug]('s post on GMail: ["Why I switched to gmail"]( I co… more »

On netiquette

politics, SIMS, policy
At least four separate organizations I'm involved with have had problems lately with behavior on unmoderated mailing lists. In the interest of not filling up people's inboxes, I would like to point everyone out there to [Jeff Johnson][3]'s 1998 article… more »

Women you should be reading...

berkeley, San Francisco
Here are two gals you should be reading if you enjoy good writing... writing that will make you chuckle; writing that will make you re-read sentences; writing that will teach you something, that's for sure: * [AnnaLee Newitz]() at her Techsplotat… more »

NQB2 podcast 02 - Hella, Fantômas and Hasil Adkins

music, podcasts
Howdy, y'all. I've just finished off my second podcast and if you subscribe to the [podcast-enabled feed]( for NQB2, you can download it and listen to it now (or click the title of this pos… more »
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