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Hasil Adkins dead at 68

As the New York Times reports ([*"Hasil Adkins, Wild Man of Rockabilly, Dies at 68"*](, one heck of an underappreciated figure in the development of rock n' roll died today: Hasil Adkins. Here'… more »

Is eMusic selling customer data? No.

music, privacy
There has been speculation ([*"EPIC asks: which digital music service is selling your data?"*][bbp]) on [Boing Boing][bb] that [][em] (the best music subscription site ever) might be selling its customer data. As a long-time custom… more »


feeds, SIMS
On the subject of SIMS master's projects, check out [Lisa]( and [Carolyn]('s [SylViA]( app. ... it's an XML-powered syllabus viewer for SIMS courses.… more »

Officially insane... in Portuguese.

I'm now [officially insane]( in Portuguese. more »

PlaceSite @ A Cuppa Tea

SIMS, berkeley, photos, friends, research, usability
A [Joe G][joeg] notes (["PlaceSite"][1]): > Some graduate students at Berkeley are doing this very cool location-based social software project. When a user connects to the wireless network at a participating cafe, they are presented with a captive… more »

After FECA...

copyright, chilling effects, politics, legal
As [Joe G] notes ([*"President Signs FECA"*][1]), the Prez [signed][2] [FECA] into law. He predicts that a bill to deal with orphaned works will be introduced that is fashioned after the [Glushko-Samuelson Clinic][3]'s recent [proposal (PDF)][4]... and… more »

Reading on the Bus: Radin on ESPERs/DRM, Picker on Sony

I get quite a bit of reading done on the bus ride from my apartment to UC Berkeley. What have I read (and enjoyed) recently? (I include abstracts below-the-fold.) * Margaret Radin, [*Regulation by Contract, Regulation by Machine*][1], Stanford Public… more »

A piece of Nathan's rant on!

SIMS, berkeley, friends
So an unattributed piece of (SIMS Student) Nathan Good's [recent rant][rant] on the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy movie has found its way to national media... unfortunately, it's MTV (["Your guide to the 'Hitchhikers' phenomenon and film"][1]): [ra… more »

Disable comments on historical posts in Wordpress/b2evolution via MySQL

blogging, hacks
So, here's a quick chunk of MySQL that you can run in [phpMyAdmin]'s MySQL tab to disable comments on all posts before a certain date: Update wp_posts set comment_status = "closed" where post_date < "2005-04-20"; It's dissapointing t… more »

Can optical scan ballots hold as many races as punch cards?

elections, reform, vendors, news, research
Kathy (of [USCountVotes]) [brings word][kathy] that some maldoers in Utah are spreading election FUD. Specifically, she alleges that lobbyists for Diebold are spreading a rumor that the [AutoMark] ballot marking device (BMD) cannot accomodate as ma… more »

Percent (%) sign inserted into URLs using LaTeX's url package

Here I describe a quick hack from [this comp.text.tex post][1] (via Google Groups) to ensure that long URLs (longer than 72 characters) in LaTeX's `\url{}` package don't have an added percent (%) sign. [1]:… more »

Using a Makefile to make LaTeX more usable...

hacks, open source, research, usability
I write papers in LaTeX when I can (usually when writing by myself or with geeks). I like the simplicity of LaTeX and the fact that you can do various complicated things fairly easy. However, I can understand how it seems less-than-usable to most peop… more »

DeForest Soaries resigns

elections, certification/testing, standards, news, policy
This is bad news... Chairman Soaries of the EAC has resigned due to a lack of support for election reform from the federal government (["Chairman of Voting Reform Panel Resigns"][1] from the [WaPo]): [1]:… more »

Geek Tourist in Iraq...

blogging, wtf?, politics, SIMS
So, [Matt] from SIMS has a friend [Jake] who is doing some (unofficially sanctioned) geek tourism in Iraq... heavily armed... and heavily decked-out with technology. This is some crazy shiznit! Check out the text, photos and videos: [Matt]: http://w… more »

Slight changes to NQB2 feeds...

blogging, feeds
So, at the request of a respected reader, I've made some slight changes to the RSS feeds for this blog. If you read this via a web browser (and not a news aggregator) you won't notice a difference... if you read this via an aggregator, you'll notice th… more »

Another Berkeley laptop theft... with video!

privacy, berkeley, legal
##### [from [Boing Boing], ["Berkeley laptop thief is scared out of his wits by professor"][2]] Check out [this 5 MB movie of UC Berkeley professor Jasper Rine explaining the consequences of the theft of his laptop to his Biology 1A class][1]. Wow.… more »

Apple breaks freakin' Java

In their infinite pushy wisdom, Apple has broken Java in their update of Mac OS X to 10.3.9. If your favorite Java applications are no longer running (try `java -version` at the command line... you'll likely get a segmentation fault), the current fix (… more »

How to upgrade FireFox on the Mac, 100% Clean

hacks, open source
In [previous][1] [posts][n_old], I've given increasing detail on how one can upgrade [FireFox][2] in a ***100% completely clean manner*** while keeping all the goodies you had in an older version (of course, this doesn't work for themes or extensions...… more »

Thank you, cracker...

I want to personally thank and scold the cracker who cracked my blog software last night. A spanish-speaking cracker took advantage of the fact that I had mistakenly left a file world-writeable (`conf/_config.php` for all of you [b2evo] blogger… more »

QOTSA at The Fillmore in San Francisco Saturday...

##### (In case you haven't noticed, I've been transitioning to a hybrid model of blogging: I'll post some journal-like posts and some pundit-style posts at my discretion.) I'm excited. Even in a culturally-rich area like the Bay Area, rarely am I ev… more »

Way cool tee...

wtf?, SIMS, berkeley, friends
Coolest... t-shirt... ever. ##### ([SIMS] Phd Student [Paul]) [SIMS]: [Paul]: **UPDATE [2005-04-22 14:16:19]:** [Carlo][c] [points] to where [you can buy this t-shirt][t]... al… more »

UC Berkeley Strike... April 14, 2005

Ah, Berkeley... everyone's [on strike] today. I had to cross the lines to get work done, oh well. Here's a (crappy) mosaic of the Telegraph Ave. and Bancroft picket line (which was difficult to cross): [on strike]:… more »

OMA email

patents, policy
Below is an email I received from a [public relations] person for [this post] to [BoingBoing]. Here's what I wrote back: [public relations]: [this post]: [BoingB… more »

A social recommendation success...

(If you don't like non-topical posts, skip this.) This is a little story of a broke graduate student, a broke car and the [Berkeley Parents Network]. Thank you, BPN. [Berkeley Parents Network]: So I ow… more »


I thought I'd take a moment and announce to the world that today is Michelle and my sixth anniversary. No, we're not married, but we're as close as either of us probably every will be to marriage. Many people ask us when we plan to marry. Usually,… more »

President Bush knows the Darknet

music, copyright, politics, p2p
([cross-posted]( to [the Challenge of P2P blog]( From a story in the IHT, we get a peak into President Bush's iPod (["White House Letter: 'Boomer rock' k… more »

SSAW2 panel and paper...

blogging, research
My panel and [Yuri]'s and my paper were both accepted to the [Social Software in the Academy (SSAW)][ssaw] workshop to be held on May 14-15, 2005 at the [Annenberg Center][ac] at [USC][usc]. I've inlcuded the text of the panel proposal and our paper's a… more »

Bay Area Law School Technology Conference, 2005

elections, policy, legal
I'm moderating the evoting panel, ["Out with the Hanging Chad, in with the Black Box"][1] at tomorrow's [Bay Area Law School Technology Conference][balstc]. [1]: [balstc]:… more »

Acronym support for b2evolution quicktags toolbar

blogging, hacks, open source
I've always wanted to be able to easily markup `` tags in [b2evolution]. There is a plugin, [autoacro], for b2evolution that automagically turns certain pre-defined acronyms into markup with the `` tag. That's not what I wanted, so I created my own… more »

Editing old posts in b2evolution

hacks, berkeley
I frequently find a need to edit or update old posts in my blog. However, [b2evolution] has this strange quirk in its back office where it will only let you edit about two weeks of entries. It turns out that some b2evo skins have an edit link in them… more »

All your base (stations) belong to U.S.

(via [Doug]) The FBI recently demonstrated a method of cracking 128-bit [WEP] -- the strongest form of wireless encryption that many commercial base stations offer -- in about three minutes using publicly available tools (via [Tom's Networking][1], ["Th… more »

Transcript of MGM v. Grokster

music, copyright, p2p, policy, legal, threats
We've posted the transcript from the *MGM v. Grokster* oral argument: more »

Disable pre-fetching in Firefox

Have you been noticing weird cookie-setting behavior while searching google lately? Well, google has decided to avail itself of certain browsers' [pre-fetching] features which loads the most likely next site in the background. Here's how to turn it of… more »

PHP Markdown 1.0.2b2

system, blogging, hacks, usability
Well, I've just made the switch from PHP Markdown 1.0.1 to [PHP Markdown 1.0.2b2]. I also solved a small problem with using [PHP Markdown] with [b2evolution] (see below). Now, I can write links like this: [PHP Markdown]:… more »

Cherry Owens' Ode to Prednisone

This is a poem written by my aunt Cherry, recently deceased. She lived 46 years with type-1 diabetes. This poem was written after a pancreas transplant when they give transplant recipients a very potent cocktail of anti-rejection drugs, including the s… more »

When diverse parties openly deliver digital information...

copyright, open source, SIMS, berkeley, friends
Come take our class in [SIMS][] at [Berkeley][] this Fall. Instructors will be [Pam Samuelson][ps], [Mitchell Kapor][mk] and [Steven Weber][sw] (I'll be your TA). [berkeley]: [sims]: [ps]: htt… more »

Misogynistic sphaghetti western song...

Wow. I've just gotten a taste of why DJs search so long and hard for the perfect songs on long-lost vinyl. Michelle found this album with all Italian writing on the jacket. Check out this strangely misogynistic song, ["Campa Carogna... La Taglia… more »
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