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Redaction gone bad...

Crap. I'm getting tired of this... First, [a laptop was stolen][lt] that had a sizeable chunk of the personal information covering Berkeley graduate students, including mine. Now, the Library of Congress has [posted my information on a publicly availab… more »

Orphan Works Initial Comments

[Here is my submission]( to the [LOC]('s [request for comments and notice of inquiry]( on orphan works... there are over [700 comments!](h… more »

The skinny on Grokster oral arguments...

I'm keeping a running compilation of reports from the MGM v. Grokster oral arguments today at the Supreme Court here at the Challenge of P2P blog. more »

Thurston Moore on Sharing...

music, copyright, p2p, friends
(Cross-posted [here]( to [The Challenge of P2P blog]( More than a few of us in this class are either musicians, past musicians or music enthusiasts... so… more »

Getting Palm's HotSync to work after getting a new Mac...

So this was a pain in the ass... basically, no matter how many times I uninstalled and reinstalled the Palm Desktop for Mac OS X version 4.2.1, I would consistently get an `"Unexpected error #- 50"` and a dialog box that would say: "The applicati… more »

DIY laptop wrist rests...

I love the Dimp Gel laptop / notebook wrist rests (*left*) made by the Japanese company [Elecom][] (model number: [WTM-DMP03][wr]). These have greatly improved my ability to type for extended periods. At one time, you could buy these things through… more »


Here's what I want to know: Why does [Terri Schiavo]( have to starve/dehydrate to death? Couldn't we also help her out [Kevorkian](… more »

McCormack Hit Job Video on VVPAT

elections, reform, news, problems, policy
So, it appears that the Registrar-Recorder of LA County, [Conny McCormack][cm], sweet-talked her husband, Austin McCormack of GEO Corporation, into doing a hit-job video on the Voter-Verified Paper Audit Trail (which I've started to call the *Voter **Ve… more »

Cognitive Disabilities and Voting

elections, accessibility, reform, standards, research, policy, usability, legal
As a voting technology policy researcher, I know that we spend much of our time thinking about how to accomodate persons with physical disabilities, but we might also start thinking about cognitive disabilities. In that spirit, here's a fascinating art… more »

Don Jon

copyright, hacks, DRM, legal
[Diggity-Donna]( says Jon Johanseen is at it again (["Johansen Creates DRM-Free Interface to iTunes"]( this time… more »

Using Full Keyboard Access on Mac OS X

system, hacks, usability
So, for the longest time I have been wondering how to tab through options in OS X applications using the keyboard. For example, the keyboard shortcut for logging out is SHFT-CMD-Q, but if you hit this on accident, you have to find the mouse and click "… more »


copyright, wtf?, chilling effects, legal, threats
(via [Donna]( via [Siva]( [A blogger]( was… more »

0 my g0d. teh AOL r stealing our pr1v4cy!1!!

wtf?, chilling effects, privacy, policy
I posted a [check-your-facts post][4] to [this slashdot story][1] about an alleged change to AIM's ToS to the [IP list][2]... haha... I must say, I really enjoyed [this comment][3]: [1]:… more »

New blog on usable security...

Friends and colleagues [Ka-ping Yee][ky], [Rachna Damija][rd], [Nathan Good][ng] and [David Thaw][dt] have started a new blog on the intersection between usability and security: [Usable Security]( [ng]:http://www.sims.berk… more »


copyright, hacks, SIMS, friends
As [Sean][] [points out][1]: Fellow [SIMS][] student [Patrick Riley][pr] and crew are developing a mobile application called [mREPLAY][] that will be tested this Spring. It essentially allows you to see replays of sporting events on a mobile phone whil… more »

Problems in Maryland Just Now Surfacing?

elections, news, wtf?, problems
([Cross-posted]( to the [Evoting-experts blog]( It appears, if this report pans out, that there were massive systemic failures across Maryland involving Diebold AccuVote-T… more »

How will Supremes decide MGM v. Grokster?

copyright, p2p
I'm sitting in [Pam Samuelson][pam]'s [p2p class][p2p], and we just took a vote on how we think the Supreme Court *will decide* and *should decide* the [*MGM v. Grokster*][mgm] case. The results: [pam]: [p2p]:http:… more »

NYT: White House Approves Pass for Blogger

blogging, politics
The first [blogger]( has been [issued white house press credentials]( Check it out (["Inside the Gaggle"](… more »

How to fix the H07 (HO7, HOT) Error on your Panasonic DVD player (DVD-RP62)

So some guy, stefan, has been good enough to post detailed instructions on [how to fix the H07 (HO7 or HOT) error][stefan] that our DVD player (the Panasonic DVD-RP62) has been experiencing. Essentially, all the oil on the motor's spindle has gone dry a… more »

Martin Denny, 93, Dies; Maestro of Tiki Sound

[Martin Denny has died][obit] at 93. > Martin Denny, the bandleader who mingled easygoing jazz with Polynesian instrumentation and jungle noises to exemplify the "exotica" sound that swept suburban America in the 1950's and 60's, died on Wednesday… more »

Fast Fraud

chilling effects, food, legal, threats, defamation
[Charles Tryon]( points to a brand-new lawsuit, ["Supersized Lawsuit"][ce]: [ce]: > Morgan Spurlock's Super Size Me featured a brief interview with attorney Samuel… more »

A Law of Daves?

**Axiom:** *The more Daves you have on your side, the better.* more »

My Mac is sick... sort of (loose AirPort Card)

hacks, wtf?
**Moral:** *If you don't buy AppleCare when you buy a Mac, you're a freakin' idiot.* ---- ##### **UPDATE [2005-03-05 15:12:19]:** I removed the AirPort Card entirely and now no longer have this problem. However, I now no longer have wireless ca… more »

Evidence of Cosmic Strings Found?

space, astronomy, astrophysics
If this "discovery" survives scrutiny, it will be the biggest scientific discovery of all time. Hands down. > ### [Finding the Ultimate Theory of Everything](… more »

MGM v. Grokster briefs in support of affirmance

copyright, p2p, friends
The briefs in MGM v. Grokster in support of affirmance will be posted on EFF's case archive and on our course webpage. Also, if you like RSS, here is a feed for the EFF's MGM v. Grokster case archive (put this in your favorite feed reader): http://… more »

Highlights from Computer Scientists' Brief in Grokster

copyright, p2p, policy
I've seen a copy of [a brief supporting affirmance by 17 computer science professors][1] in *MGM v. Grokster*. Here are some choice quotes. [1]: First, they take the opportunity to correct… more »
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