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EFF posts The Betamax Case archive...

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[Jason][] over at the [EFF][] has sent word that they've made the case archive from 1984's [*Sony v. Universal*]( supreme court case avaiable here: [EFF: The Betamax Case][sony]. [jason]:http:… more »

On Teaching Titilation

Choice quotes from [Alex Halavais][alex] about [how difficult it is to teach a class on cyberporn][diff]: >"It's not hard to make some ASL translators blush." and > "At this stage, it appears clear that a not insubstantial number of the stud… more »

Classic Grokster Quote

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> "[W]e live in a quicksilver technological environment with courts ill-suited to fix the flow of internet innovation." > Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, Inc. v. Grokster, Ltd., [380 F.3d 1154][1] at 11746 (9th Cir. 2004) [1]:… more »

New paper on the poisioning and pollution of P2P networks

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Nicolas Christin has just put the finishing touches on a new paper authored with Andreas Weigend and SIMS professor John Chuang, "Content Availability, Pollution and Poisoning in File Sharing Peer-to-Peer Networks" (PDF) that will be presented at ACM's… more »

Googling old friends...

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So, I did a quick Google image search for an old friend from La Cueva High School (Albuquerque), Sean Garner... and I happened upon a pic of him in graduate school at [Cornell]( in his [Magnetic Resonancy Force Micros… more »

Comment on the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy trailer

So, in an amazingly link-unfriendly manner, [Amazon][] has posted the non-teaser trailer to the upcoming [*Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy*]( movie. [amazon]: I sent a note to an internal [SIMS… more »

Search Engine Hits to NQB 2.0

55.7% of all search engine hits to my site come from this query. Man, this is sooooooooo WTF. more »

Firefox Searchbar for Google Maps

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[Judd][1] beat me to this one... he's written a [searchbar in FireFox][2] for [Google Maps][3]. The web just got that more useful! [1]: [2]:… more »

The emulsion of politics and election administration...

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> *emulsion* n. - In pharmacy, an extract of seeds, or a mixture of oil and water united by a mucilaginous substance. Politics and the task of election administration are, unfortunately, much like mayonnaise (an emulsion) without the consistency. Ma… more » If You Use Firefox You Need To Read This

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> If You Use Firefox You Need To Read This > Someone has come up with a Firefox exploit - one that doesn't affect IE users! > You can find links to the details, at Boing Boing: Shmoo Group exploit. Here, however, is the simple info on how to… more »


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Well, it was bound to happen... [Patrick Wagstrom][pw] has set up a [feed][] for shows he's recently recorded with his [MythTV][]. [pw]: [feed]:… more »

My russian friend the pirate...

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Turns out, [Yuri]( is a [freakin' pirate]( [Here's]( [the](http://www.freewisd… more »


In case you've ever wondered just how random the shuffling algoritm for iPod/iTunes is: ["Does Your iPod Play Favorites?"]( (Steven Levy at Newsweek). more »


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[Mary][] has [the scoop][s] over at [Napsterization][n]: [AskJeeves][aj] is purchasing [Bloglines][b]. And the new [AskJeeves blog][ajb] seems to scream the same... [mary]: [s]:… more »


This has been my favorite song for a week or so... (although I've been listening to a lot of classical music too) > ### "A Heart Filled Reaction To Dissatisfaction" ### > #### by [City of Caterpillar](… more »

Tokaji: Florida Non-Votes with New Equipment

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> Despite all the security concerns surrounding electronic voting, and some of them are real, moving to electronic and precinct-count optical scan voting technology has been a very good thing for Floridians. More of their votes, many more, were counted… more »
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