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Peer Impact to go live...

copyright, p2p, research, policy, DRM
From Steve Fox at PC World: > ### Legit Peer-to-Peer File Swaps > The Buzz: A little startup is about to make a huge splash, introducing a legal and music-industry-blessed file-swapping service. Peer Impact breaks from the gate with a massive cat… more »

Trouble installing WPBlacklist 2.8...

system, blogging, hacks, open source, SIMS
*I had a bit of difficulty installing WPBlacklist 2.8 for a Wordpress blog... here's how I recovered.* So, the spammers have hit the [p2p blog]( (I can't use [AuthImage](… more »

Voting System Performance Rating Launch

elections, certification/testing, reform, vendors, standards, news, research, policy, usability
Today the [Voting System Performace Rating][vspr] (VSPR) organization launches. I'm the chair of the [Existing Systems Explication][ese] working group. It is a privilege to be a part of such an impressive and properly oriented organization. Here's m… more »

Aunt Cathy's Waffles

recipe, family, food
Ingredients: * 2 cups flour * 1 tsp. baking powder * 2 tbsp. sugar * 1/4 tsp. salt * 2 eggs, separated * 2 cups milk * 5 tbsp. oil (or melted margerine) You'll want a waffle iron (belgian-style or regular) and a mixer or set of beaters. 1… more »

zestyping: What's wrong with this picture?

wtf?, SIMS, berkeley, photos, friends
Check out [Ping][p]'s post, ["What's wrong with this picture?"][pp]: > Have a good look at this picture. Does anything seem unusual about it? (If you already know the secret, don't tell.) [pp]:… more »

TEST of 'p-numeral' bug

don't mind this post, just a test of my blog software... So this bug I'm dealing with is the strangest thing. This post renders on the front page of [NQB 2.0][nqb2]. It renders in RSS and ATOM (you should be able to see this in your reader). Howev… more »

NQB has a slight NQBug...

system, blogging, hacks
Sorry, for some reason, my blogging software, [b2evo](, has a bug where having "`p2p`" as part of the permalink causes the permalinked-to post not to render. I'm currently looking for a fix... until then, if you come across any p… more »

Non-controversial P2P: Aliens, Proteins and Atmospheric Models

copyright, open source, space, astronomy, berkeley, p2p, research, policy
(cross-posted to ["Challenges of P2P"]( [here]( In the P2P debate, it's often easy to forget that there are important uses of P2P technology other than f… more »

eviL dead Live

wtf?, San Francisco
If you like the [three][1] [Evil][2] [Dead][3] movies (produced by [Sam Raimi][4] with [Bruce Campbell][5]... w00t [Xena][x]!), you're going to love [**Evil Dead Live**][e]. [1]: [2]:… more »

Breaking News: Vote Fraud in Clement County, OH?

elections, reform, news, problems, research
There apparently is good reason to believe that there may have been a coordinated effort to defraud the vote in at least one County in Ohio: Clement County. Check out this paragraph from [a letter from Rep. John Conyers to the FBI about Clement County… more »

A Letter From My ISP,

system, chilling effects, policy
I received a letter from my ISP, []( It basically describes that BellSouth has filed at the FCC for deregulation of DSL broadband services. This will mean that I really might only have two broadband choices in the futur… more »

Wendy: Building our own PVRs

hacks, open source, recipe, friends, policy, DRM
If only I wasn't a broke grad. student... > With just [five months left until the broadcast flag][9], [EFF][10] is staging a build-in: [Build your own][11] high-definition video recorder that lawfully ignores the broadcast flag. > We're using [My… more »

Try Unsubscribing from State Department Email Lists...

system, wtf?, usability
How hard is it to unsubscribe from a State Department Email List? Plenty damn hard. Read on if you've got a strong stomach. I've been subscribed to a certain mailing list -- the United States Department of State Consular Information Sheet mail… more »

Grokster Briefs on the Merits...

copyright, p2p, policy
I'll be posting briefs filed in *MGM v. Grokster* as I see them here: [``]( Briefs posted so far: ### Petitioner'… more »

The Challenge of P2P Blog...

blogging, copyright, SIMS, berkeley, p2p, policy, DRM
The class blog for [Pam Samuelson][pam]'s graduate seminar [*Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Technology: Legal and Policy Challenges*][pamp2p] is here: ["The Challenge of P2P"][pamp2pblog]. (I'm the tutor for the course, which begins tomorrow.) Berkeley students… more »

RSS feed for MGM v. Grokster

feeds, copyright, p2p, policy
I've gotten my main man and RSS mercenary, [Carlo][], to scrape the [EFF][]'s [MGM v. Grokster][grok] case archive into RSS. New or edited list items added to their case archive will show up as new RSS entries on this feed. Here's the feed ([link](http… more »

`nofollow` for b2evolution...

system, blogging, feeds, hacks, open source, research, policy
[NQB 2.0][nqb2] shows up in various sets of search results, occasionally for something useful, but mostly for stupid crap. Crap that I felt the need to blog but Google thinks I may actually know jack about (take a look at the stats page linked to at rig… more »

Thoughts on VSDA's brief in MGM v. Grokster...

music, copyright, p2p, policy
[The Video Software Dealer's Association][vsda] submitted a [brief][1] supporting the reversal of [MGM v. Grokster][effg]. Here are my thoughts (in an extended entry so that it doesn't pollute your reader if you don't want to read legal stuff): [vsda… more »

A mess o' dorks...

music, wtf?, berkeley, photos
So Michelle was gifted a bunch of records a while back from a previous coworker. And there's some really dorky album covers in the mix (See "[Vinyl Motherload][vm]" from [NQB v0.1][nqb]). There are levels of dorkiness, even. From just dorky enoug… more »

Happy slappers

wtf?, photos
**UPDATE [2005-04-28 15:19:29]:** All of you coming from Google will want to [go here]( This is a disturbing new trend in the use of digital media... voyeuristic violence towards strange… more »

Methane rain "on the rocks"...

space, astrophysics, research
Too cool. We have weather, houston (from ["Titan's Streams Like Earth's"](,2697,66351,00.html)): > Many of the same processes that helped shape the Earth are in effect today on Saturn's smoggy moon Titan, a team of in… more »

Some good news...

system, elections, certification/testing, reform, standards, family, research, policy
Sorry for the light posting as of late... School has started and things are busy. Two new items of news: * Richard, my brother, was just accepted to the [London School of Economics][lse] program to pursue a [MSc in Development Studies][msc]. He won'… more »

Huygens coverage stinks... where the real data is.

open source, secrecy, space, astrophysics, photos
So, I've been *really really* disappointed in the [NASA][]/[ESA][] coverage of the descent of the Huygens probe. We got a [few][1] [badly][2] [processed][3] [images][4] and very little text or non-imaging data. [1]:… more »

Bad Clearance Sale Merchandise...

Yikes... whomever designed these (Victoria's Secret) should be fired. more »

EFF: Sham Recount Process on Diebold E-voting Machines

elections, reform, news, politics, berkeley, litigation, friends, research, policy
[This]( is remarkable. > "California law guarantees every voter the right to a recount and requires election officials to produce for public review all materials relevant to that recount," said Gr… more »

Who Supports Spyware?

privacy, research
Check out [Ben Edelman][ben]'s [table][] of investments and investors into spyware companies: [ben]: [table]: Company (products) Investment am… more »

More on Huygens Descent

space, astronomy, astrophysics, research
##### (a follow-up to my [previous Huygens post][phuyg]) [phuyg]: [ESA][] has posted a neat timeline of Huygens' descent activity, ["Huygens descent timeline"][tl] for 14 January. N… more »

Classic Pizza Dough

recipe, food
So, here is a great pizza dough recipe that I use. This is an adaptation of [Peter Reinhart][peter]'s "Neo-Neapolitan Dough" from [*American Pie: My Search for the Perfect Pizza*][book]. (Every pizza maker should own that book. Note: I list [other pizz… more »

EFF: EFF's Review of Elgato's EyeTV 500

copyright, DRM
Lest you believe that Apple isn't evil: > The EyeTV software relies on no hardware acceleration for mpeg playback, which explains the processor load. The entire burden of decoding and displaying the high-def mpeg2 file falls on the CPU. **When I aske… more »

Displaying Recently Played Tracks on Blogs

system, music, blogging, feeds, copyright, hacks, open source, p2p
(I think this will work for any PHP blog like [wordpress][wp] or [b2evolution][b2].) [wp]: [b2]: So [danah][] (via [various posts][vp]) has got me really into [Last.FM][lf] (and the associated [Audioscr… more »

Trade Secrets and the "Cherokee Nation Open Source License"? Yeah, right...

copyright, open source, wtf?, secrecy, policy
As seen on the [Interesting People][ip] list (["You Can't Make This Stuff Up"][1]), a former chief scientist of Novell, Jeff Merkey, is planning on releasing a new operating system (GaDuGi) under an open source license, the Cherokee Nation Open Source L… more »

Caitlin and Roger are "Missing" in Thailand

friends, research
Wow, it's amazing what a Google News Alert can deliver... I'm not so sure I wanted to know this. My undergraduate adviser, [Caitlin Griffith][cait], and her husband, [Roger Yelle][rog], are traveling in Thailand and haven't been heard from since the… more »


> 5. EMIGRATE vs. IMMIGRATE > He who **emigrates** also **immigrates**. As he leaves his country of origin, he *emigrates from his homeland*, in order to *immigrate to another country*. *Leaving* his old country, he is an **emigrant**, but *arriving*… more »

CD Sales GROWTH in 2004!

copyright, wtf?, p2p, policy
> ### [BBC: US sees growth in CD sales market]( ### > US CD sales rose by 2.3% in 2004 - the first rise in four years - despite the growing popularity of legal digital music downloads. Wow. Is f… more »

Copyrighting Cease and Desist Letters?

copyright, secrecy, chilling effects, policy
*Can attorneys claim copyright in cease and desist letters they send (to prevent them to be forwarded)?* [TechDirt][1] has an interesting story up, ["Since When Is It Illegal To Just Mention A Trademark Online?"][2] (via [Doug][]'s [Clipblog][dclip])… more »

What do you believe that you cannot (yet) prove?

system, wtf?
*"What do you believe is true even though you cannot prove it?"* The quote below is from an NYT piece where 14 scientists were asked the same question: *"What do you believe is true even though you cannot prove it?"* > **Donald Hoffman** > *Cog… more »

A Quick Cinnamon Roll Recipe Using Pizza Dough

recipe, food
Well, to partially help [Morgan][morgan] with [her request for recipes][mreq], here's a quick one you can use if you have some frozen pizza dough in your freezer (unfortunately, you'll have to wait a week or so for my write-up on my favorite pizza dough… more »

A Solution for Messy Cables?

hacks, wtf?
Man, this is my rat's nest of cables... every time I organize the bastard, I end up having to unplug something and screwing it all up. Does anyone have any advice on rat's nests of cables? **Is there some twist-tie / table-mount solution to these kind… more »
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