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Know an Adult Star?

If you [know an adult star][star] that would be willing to speak to a cyberporn class, let [Alex Halavais][alex] know! [star]: [alex]: more »

A Life Aquatic, Spanglish, Meet the Fockers...

I've seen three movies so far this winter break, and enjoyed each of them more than I expected (starting with the best): * **A Life Aquatic** - This is the latest Wes Anderson film, and it looks like that he's getting all the resources he needs to… more »

Cassini, Huygens, Titan...

space, astrophysics, research
So the Huygens probe will detach, by firing explosive bolts, from the Cassini Spacecraft today. (["/.: Cassini Robot Lab Successfully Separates"]( A significant part of my past in… more »

Breaking News: WA Supreme Court Allows Counting of King County Ballots...

elections, news, politics, litigation
The Washington Supreme Court has reversed the ruling of the lower (superior) court and will allow King County to count ("recanvass") the 700+ votes that were recently found to have been improperly rejected ([*Washington State Republican Party vs. King C… more »

Posting to be light lite lyte...

I just finished the last paper of the semester... tomorrow I'm off to visit my Mom in Las Cruces, veinte millas desde México con mi hermano que visita a nosotros desde Pánama. Él es un voluntario del Peace Corps. It's time to tak… more »

What Disk Space Was Lost, Now is Found

system, hacks, wtf?
You are not going to believe this. Short story: don't buy the [Adesso Intellimedia Pro MAC Ergonomic Keyboard][keyboard]. ### The Problem ### I used [WhatSize][ws] to scope out my disk usage as recommended by [Nathan Spindel][nathan] in the commen… more »

Hunting for Disk Space

So, I totally ran out of disk space today... 50GB... who woulda thunk it? Here's a command you can use to help you in deciding what to prune (if you've got folders of crap lying around like I do): du -sk * | sort -n | tail It will display a li… more »

This Holiday Season, Mary Gets... A Troll!

blogging, wtf?, friends
Been following the discussion about [what it means to be `beta`][beta] over at [Napsterization][nap], and Mary has got a handful of blogosphere attention on her hands right now. I don't know if that's what she asked Santa for, but the giving only gets b… more »

Wooster Collective: Street and Stencil Art...

photos, friends, stencilism
So [Sean][sean] sent me a one-line email consisting of a link to the [Wooster Collective][w00ster]'s amazing [thread on street art and stencil art][sa]. It appears to be a collection of images of street art and stencil art pieces and interviews with str… more »

Markdown in b2evolution...

blogging, hacks, open source
(If you've just come for the plugin, not the prose, find it [here][plugin]). I thoroughly enjoy writing documents in [Markdown][md]. [Markdown][md], written by [John Gruber][jg] and [Aaron Swartz][as], is a simple syntax for writing documents that a… more »

Markdown 1.0.1 Released

blogging, hacks, open source
John Gruber has released Markdown 1.0.1... and now it is dual-licensed GPL/BSD. What is Markdown? Well, in short, it's a lightweight syntax for writing documents (emails, web pages, whatever) that can be easily read by the human eye but then also pars… more »

Adventures in Interdisciplinary Short-Circuitry

SIMS, research
My position here in short-circuitry of disciplines can be interesting. That is to say, I straddle a few disciplines -- as is so common here at SIMS -- such as law, science and policy, and I often have to translate, in the strangest senses. Recently… more »

Clean Permalinks in b2evolution

So, Yuri, in his usual loving manner, told me that links like: http://[...]/index.php?title=i_pizzaiolo&tb=1&pb=1&[...] are ridiculous and stupid. I agree but haven't had much time to look into it further. So, I've just changed how my… more »

More Privacy Issues in an Electronic Voting Machine...

elections, reform, standards, news, open source, privacy, SIMS, problems, research
It looks like ACM's WPES allowed more pages than we had thought... so we got to include our entire paper, (as apparently also submitted to the NRC "A Framework for Electronic Voting") "Privacy Issues in An Electronic Voting Machine". more »

Letter to Guilford County Board of Elections from Election Systems and Software

elections, vendors, news, problems, research
Joyce McCloy provided a link to a letter (here in PDF) from ES&S to the Guilford County Board of Elections. Here is the text (emphasis mine): November 8, 2004 George Gilbert Director of Elections Guilford County Board of Elections Greens… more »

Correction to Prof. Tokaji's post "Provisional Voting in Illinois"

elections, reform, standards, news, politics, problems, research
In a recent post at the new site for his EqualVote blog, Dan Tokaji said: Provisional Voting in Illinois Wide disparities in the percentage of provisional ballots counted occurred in Illinois, according to this Chicago Tribune report. As an examp… more »

I, Pizzaiolo

recipe, research, food
pizzaiolo - n. 1. One who creates pizza. 2. An individual pizza maker that strives to make the best pizza that (s)he possibly can. I've been meaning to do a post on pizza sometime... this article in a recent edition of the Sunday New York Times is a… more »

Judd: Spam Blocking on Wordpress

blogging, hacks, open source, SIMS
For all the smart people out there that have realized there are very good reasons to choose WordPress over Movable Type... Judd mentions a great spam-blocking plug-in that we both saw first at Alex Halvais' blog: I recently found a plugin for Wordpre… more »

Feeling Accepted...

elections, reform, standards, SIMS, research
The OVC architecture paper, "A PC-Based Open-Source Voting Machine with an Accessible Voter-Verifiable Paper Ballot" (PDF), has been accepted to the FREENIX track of USENIX 2005. (a collaboration with members of the Open Voting Consortium (OVC)) I've… more »

Dates to Remember for Cocktail Parties (or Our Final Exam in 'Quality of Information')

SIMS, berkeley, friends
1755 1695 more »

Don't Bogart that Serial...

copyright, friends
From Laura ("serial numbers are non-copyrightable"): Serial numbers are non-copyrightable - Southco v. Kanebridge Corp., No. 02-1243, 3d Circ., en banc, 12/3/2004. more »

DU Bans Bev Harris... My Thoughts

elections, reform, news, wtf?, chilling effects, politics
(Note: Comments here do not express the opinion and/or position of my school, employer or collaborators... only my own.) It looks like Bev is no longer allowed to post to Democratic Underground: Wired News: Site Bars Black Box Voting Head By Jo… more »

First Sale and a Patentee's Right to Prohibit Imports

patents, SIMS, friends
Paul (another SIMS PhD) and I had been discussing the interaction between first sale and a patentee's right to prohibit importation of his previously-sold art. That is, if the patentee sells products that practice his patent to someone in a foreign cou… more »

NRC: "A Framework for Understanding Electronic Voting"

system, elections, certification/testing, accessibility, reform, vendors, standards, news, open source, secrecy, privacy, politics, SIMS, problems, friends
The Committee for Electronic Voting - under the Computer Science and Telecommunications Board (CSTB) of the National Academies' National Research Council (NRC) - recently issued a call for papers for input on what questions policy makers should be think… more »

Google Alerts?

This could be old news... Everyone knows that you can sign up for Google to send you alerts about a news items that match a query. However, it looks like it also allows you to get alerts whenever something is added to the Google search results for th… more »

Removing Spaces from Filenames

hacks, open source
Here's a great little script, written in bash, for removing spaces from filenames... it replaces them with an underscore. (I can't remember where I found this, but it's useful): #!/bin/bash for oldName in "$@" ; do     newName=`… more »

The New Marketing; More Stencil Graffiti

music, berkeley, photos, p2p, stencilism
...A vision from the new marketing. There's only one thing that an artist cannot do completely for themselves these days: marketing (recording, mixing, producing, manufacturing, and distribution can all be handled at some degree of sophistication). Wel… more »

R.I.P. - Chris Wrobel, Freaz Dried Rabbi

You might ask me what makes me an expert on breakfast cereals. Five years ago today, a good friend of Michelle's, Chris Wrobel, died of an accidental death. Besides the intense personal connection, Chris' death, at 24 years old, was particularl… more »

You can see that Spirit from Orbit!

space, astrophysics, photos
Wheel tracks left by NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Spirit, and even the rover itself, are visible in this partial image from the Mars Orbiter Camera on NASA's Mars Global Surveyor orbiter more »

interface grrl

blogging, SIMS, San Francisco, friends
Mary is one of two kick-ass women that got me into blogging... read about her here: "Her So-Called Digital Life". more »

Alabama Recount Finds Changes in Vote Tallies

elections, reform, vendors, news, problems
(cross-posted to evoting-experts, "Changes Found in Alabama Recount") Changes found in segregation amendment recount The statewide recount on a measure to remove segregation-era language from Alabama's constitution is turning up variations from… more »

Activists crash tribute

I find this to be quite sensational... I can understand how melodrama is helpful in some situations, but this is unproductive and only serves to foster friction. I must say, it's difficult to work with elections officials that also have to face this kin… more »

random shuffle

Via danah via Metamanda... who are posting random lists of songs from their playlists. I cheated, however. My tastes are so weird and vast... don't be scared by some of the below! So I decided to randomize a few times until I saw a mix that I would… more »
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