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EDRi Calls for Repeal of EU Database Directive

copyright, open source
From the EDRi, FIPR and VOSN coalition's recent response (PDF) to the European commission consultation on the review of the "acquis communautaire" in the field of copyright and related rights: (23) EDRI supports the Commission proposal to extend Arti… more »

NYT: Federal Plan to Keep Data on Students Worries Some

wtf?, privacy, SIMS, berkeley
WASHINGTON, Nov. 28 - A proposal by the federal government to create a vast new database of enrollment records on all college and university students is raising concerns that the move will erode the privacy rights of students. [...] But Jasmine L.… more »

Tribal Registration

elections, accessibility, politics, problems
Here's something to think about for a bit on this fine Sunday morning: In a tribal or nomadic nation, how do you register voters? I'll post my thoughts later. more »

Calculating Word Frequency from the Command-line

system, elections, hacks, open source, politics, problems
Word frequency calculations can be very helpful... I was poking around trying to find a simple command-line tool that would calculate word frequency and came across a great solution (with lots of help from "GNU texutils: Putting the Tools Together" and… more »

A Simple Method for Inserting a Bloglines Blogroll

system, blogging, feeds, hacks, open source
Have I mentioned that I like Bloglines, lately? One cool feature is that you can export the list of what you read as a blogroll. Bloglines offers a JavaScript and an HTML blogroll that you can embed in your blog. Naturally, I choose to use the HTML… more »

Charlotte Observer: State plans elections training

elections, reform, problems
Under Bartlett's plan, the state would pay for any precinct judge to take 12 to 15 90-minute classes in election procedures at any of 13 community colleges. Central Piedmont would be one site. The classes would be voluntary for precinct judges and pa… more »

Mozilla Search Bar Plugins

hacks, open source, patents
Here's a quick list of the search bar plugins I've created for Mozilla/FireFox: California Election Code Search Bar (installation instructions) USPTO Patent Number Search Bar (installation instructions) Euro to US Dollar Converter… more »

Brined Turkey Day!

So Judd has all the choice Thanxgiving brined bird tips... my Mom has a damned fine brined bird recipe (I think it may be Chez Panisse's) that calls for a slightly different brine: 2.5 gallons of H2O 2 cups of kosher salt 1 cup sugar 2 b… more »

Land on the Moon?

wtf?, space, SIMS, berkeley
a snippet of a recent conversation: Paul: An acre [on the Moon] can cost you just $25, apparently. Joe: Yeah, but who the hell's going to enforce my intellectual property rights? more »

Dan Tokaji on whatever the hell is going on in OH

elections, reform, standards, news, politics, problems, litigation

Joining the Verified Voting Advisory Board

elections, reform, news
I am honored and humbled to have been invited to join the Verified Voting Foundation's Advisory Board. I am the dimmest light among a staggering group of luminaries: Cindy Cohn, EFF Lillie Coney, NCVI/EPIC Doug Jones, UI Doug Kellner,… more »

Cal vs. Fallujah

SIMS, berkeley, photos
Considering how badly we creamed Stanford in the Big Game yesterday, why not think bigger? How big is the Cal Campus compared to Fallujah? Well, Colby from the noise list in the UC Berkeley Astronomy Dept. has your answer: more »

Ballot pseudo-secrecy

elections, reform, standards, secrecy, privacy
One of the things that makes elections so difficult - besides the ridiculousness here in the U.S. of voting on all local, state and federal elections on the same ballot - is the requirement of absolute ballot secrecy. Doug Jones, in his October 2004… more »

A Picture Worth 1000 PhDs

SIMS, berkeley, photos
14/19ths of The SIMS PhD Crew Clockwise from bottom left: Dave Thaw, David Warthen, Nathan Good, Yuri Takhteyev, danah boyd, Rachna Damija, Mahad Ibrahim, Dilan Mahendran, Charis Kaskiris, Jens Grossklags, Vivien Petras, Andrew Fiore, Paul Laskowski… more »

Right Polling Place, Wrong Table, No Vote

elections, accessibility, reform, standards, news, wtf?, politics, problems
(from Dan) The Stark County Board of Elections has rejected over 500 provisional ballots in Stark County, according to this story in the Canton Repository. Some of them were reportedly cast by voters who appeared at the right polling place, but went… more »

The Grey Video...

music, copyright, chilling effects
(via Donna via Cory) Man o' man... get the Grey Video before it's sued out of existence... here are direct links to the files in MOV: small | medium | large UPDATE [2004-11-19 11:04:07]: The site has gone down for unknown reasons (via Cory).… more »


SIMS, berkeley
SIMS - 1st "S" + ology = Imsology. Geoff Nunberg, co-prof. in my QofI class, used this term today in his lecture and I can only imagine that it means "the study of information management and systems". I like it. I guess I'm an imsologist. Here… more »

Election Verification Project Press Conference Thursday

elections, accessibility, news, politics, problems
There will be an important press conference on Thursday... A national coalition of voting rights and computer security experts will hold a post-election press conference to provide a preliminary analysis of electronic voting problems and solutions, a… more »

Join the club...

blogging, open source, berkeley
Brian just got himself slashdotted... more »

North Carolina is a mess...

"We've had machine problems," Bartlett said. "We've never had one of this magnitude. We've never had an election where a machine malfunction caused a new election." more »

Getting older...

I didn't have time to post this until now... I recently got a lot older. more »

{Berkeley, Blur} Photos

elections, SIMS, berkeley, photos
Yuri's amazing pictures of Millenium Park in Chicago have prompted me to begin posting more photos. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of space so I'm going to post small pictures... here's a few cool ones from my last week: Blur Shots I've been t… more »

News from (one of) Panama's Independence Day(s)

My little brother, Richard Hall (an economist), is with the PeaceCorps in Panama... today is one of Panama's Independence Days: Today is an Independence Day in Panama. In a normal country, I would use the definite article. Panama has three Independ… more »

New net lingo spotting...

I just saw a new net abbreviation I didn't know about reading this story on Dave Farber's Interesting People list: YMMV = Your Mileage May Very more »

How To Upgrade to Firefox 1.0 from a Previous Version

system, hacks, open source
**UPDATE [2005-04-17 20:18:10]:** See [this post]( for the most current version of these instructions. In an early post ("Spread Firefox - Hot as Hell" 09/18/04) I detailed th… more »

Star Wars Episode III Trailer

Go watch the Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith trailer... it's freakin' wicked. We're excited. more »

Comments: NYT's "New Standards for Elections" Editorial

elections, reform, standards, news, open source, secrecy, privacy, politics, problems
The 2004 election may not have an asterisk next to it the way the 2000 election does, but the mechanics of our democracy remained badly flawed. From untrustworthy electronic voting machines, to partisan secretaries of state, to outrageously long lines a… more »

b2evolution: How to clear evo_hitlog?

system, blogging, feeds, hacks, open source, wtf?
So, as Dave has pointed out, I'm having some problems with N.Q.B.'s MySQL database (You can see the error by highlighting the text at the bottom of this page). I've posted a lengthy comment to the b2evolution forum and hope that some of those clever bas… more »

Lost Sounds @ BoTH

Michelle and I saw The Lost Sounds at BoTH this past Thursday (4 Nov). They were amazing. It's hard to communicate in words how good musical artists like this are live. They're a mix of punk rock, death disco and avant punk. "What the hell is that?" W… more »

My E-Day at the Legal Command Center in SF

elections, reform, vendors, news, politics, problems, litigation, San Francisco
Other have penned their experiences on Election day (here are some of my favorite write-ups), I will know write mine. My Election Day was bound to be different. As a one-stop human information dump for electronic voting information across the nation… more »

Ugh... (local)

elections, news
I need to move to a different state and a different country... most of the propositions we voted for here in CA didn't go the way I had wished... save the Public Records and Stem Cell Research provisions. I am severely bummed. more »

Kerry Concedes

elections, news
"We really have to do something about it." more »
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