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Evoting Experts blog launches...

elections, blogging, feeds, hacks, news, politics, problems
Ed Felten has launched an evoting experts blog at I'll be joinging Adam Stubblefield, Avi Rubin, Dan Wallach, David Dill and Ed there to address problems as they come up in the 2004 election. This will be a great site for as-it-ha… more »

Overview of Legal Efforts for Tuesday

elections, news, litigation
Americans learned in 2000 that watching recounts and courts decide a piano-wire tight election -- like the making of laws -- is not for the faint-hearted. Yet four years later, they're as fixated as spectators at a train wreck. Thousands in fact are… more »

Crazy Halloween Costumes...

wtf?, berkeley, photos
In addition to other really scary costumes for Halloween, our local halloween shop in Berkeley has some really weird ones... like fat stripper suits, large genitalia, beer bottles and even a milk carton hat: more »

Slashdot the Vote

elections, certification/testing, hacks, news, politics
Thanks to Rob for letting us flex our server muscle in prep. for E-Day (note, I didn't write "Joe from EFF"... I would have preferred "Joe, EFF groupie"...): Joe from the EFF writes "Verified Voting has just gone live with a number of tools for all y… more »

Do You Know Where Your Polling Place Is?

elections, accessibility, news, politics
(Donna (at EFF's DeepLinks) always knows what's up...) is here to help. AP has the scoop: With most states reporting massive new voter registrations and many political observers worrying about potential voter confusion and… more »

Bush Throws the Birdie... a/k/a One Handed Victory Salute

elections, news, wtf?, politics
This movie (MOV) is about 1.0 MB. more »

The EFF's Jason Schultz Comes to Boalt and Other Academic News

copyright, SIMS, berkeley, p2p
You heard it here first, folks. Jason Schultz will be teaching the Cyberlaw course at Boalt Hall this spring. Jason's an attorney and awesome litigator at the EFF and also Boalt alum (not to mention that he blogs it up at LawGeek and Copyfight). It's… more »

Kim @ Wired News: "E-Vote Vendors Hand Over Software"

elections, certification/testing, reform, vendors, standards, news, open source
A story from the coolest journalist, Kim, at Wired News: In an effort to increase the integrity of next week's presidential election, five voting machine makers agreed for the first time to submit their software to the National Software Reference Lib… more »

Designing Security into Campaign System Architecture

system, elections, accessibility, news, politics, problems
From a story at Wired News: SFGate has not been alone in seeing markedly increased traffic in recent weeks. In fact, while experts aren't sure if internet-wide traffic is up as a result of the election, it is certain that a wide range of sites have s… more »

E-voting usability: Touchscreen problems in NM, TX and FL

elections, news, politics, problems
Ed Felten notes a reccuring problem in early voting in a number of states (Texas, New Mexico and Florida) where people think they chose one candidate but the ballot review screen shows the machine registered a vote for another candidate. Felten goes on… more »

Felten: LAMP and Regulatory Arbitrage

music, copyright, hacks, chilling effects, p2p
From an engineering standpoint, the new design of LAMP is overly complex, fragile, and inefficient. That's not surprising, because lawyers must have had a big impact on the design. There's got to be a market in regulatory arbitrage... that is, mayb… more »

Quick News: new CSS and new paper

system, elections, accessibility, reform, open source, politics
A couple quick news items: We just submitted a paper I co-authored (in collaboration with the folks at the OVC), "A PC-Based Open-Source Voting Machine with an Accessible Voter-Verifiable Paper Ballot" (PDF), to the USENIX 2005 FREENIX track. Yo… more »

Autumn Moon Festival...

San Francisco, photos
Michelle and I recently went to San Francisco's Autum Moon Festival... our favorite part is, of course, the yearly acknowledgment that lotus moon cakes are they best (although we prefer the flaky-dough over cakey-dough variety.). Here's a bunch of ph… more »

Serious Ballot Usability Problem in Ohio

elections, news, wtf?, problems
The problems in Ohio continue. There is a serious problem with the punchcard ballot design layout for absentee ballots in Cleveland, Ohio. CLEVELAND (AP) -- Absentee voters in the most populous county of a critical state in the presidential election… more »

Ways the election could end up in the supreme court...

Voting glitches involving electronic or other voting machines Litigation over which provisional ballots are valid A fight over the Colorado amendment to split the electoral vote A tie in the electoral college or a faithless elector A terrori… more »

A curious insight into Ohio...

elections, news, politics, problems, litigation
Ohio is very interesting case study in election administration right now. The Secretary of State, Ken Blackwell, is being sued for requiring that voters who cast provisional ballots in the wrong precinct can't have their votes counted. The SoS los… more »

Punk and Stewardesses: Words you can type with one hand...

I like words that you can type with one hand... like "punk". Judd mentioned that the longest term that you can type with one hand is "stewardesses" and on the right hand "hypolimnion"... however, that doesn't mean anything to us. The next best optio… more »

Houston, we've got election problems

elections, news, politics, problems
Oh man, we're less than two weeks from the election and already the Election Incident Reporting System is getting a ton of data via calls to 1-866-OUR-VOTE. They should probably re-adjust their color pallate to ensure that the whole country isn't all re… more »

Potential Voting Secrecy Problem in Boulder, CO

elections, vendors, news, problems, litigation
There might be a rather subtle problem in Boulder, Colorado. Specifically, ballots have serial numbers on them. The $1.4 million system from Hart InterCivic replaced the county's punch-card voting machines this year. It requires voters to fill out p… more »

On Nov. 2...

elections, politics
Kerry will win. more »

Quilter on the Mary Cheney BS...

wtf?, politics
Laura Quilter (Boalt fellow) disects the claim that the Mary Cheney reference was a "low blow". This is bullshit, a fake issue. Read at its absolutely most significant, it affects the following small populations of people: (a) people who would vot… more »

Judd on Jon Stewart on Crossfire

blogging, politics
Judd questions the praise given to Jon Stewart lately for his appearance on Crossfire (also check out this debriefing (MOV) on the Daily Show and some of the Crossfire response): While I give credit to Jon for sticking to his guns, I don't see wh… more »

Politics for the Illiterate

Picked up a new t-shirt on Telegraph Ave. the other day (from best $10 I've ever spent: more »

Back to B.K.S Iyengar

The image above is of B.K.S. Iyengar in full lotus and namasté. I've done Iyengar yoga off-and-on for about ten years. Lately, it's been more off than on. Although, strangely enough, during the past couple of weeks, I've been returning… more »

Nothin' Like a Master

So, I went to pick up my M.A. in astrophysics the other day... like Scott, I found it had Arnold Schwarzenegger's signature on it: Funny, notice I took this shot during one of Cheney's two-minute diatribes in the vice-presidential debate. more »

Cheap-ass, Good Wines: 2002 Viu Manent merlot reserve

wine, tasting notes
Background: Michelle and I purchased this 2002 Chilean Merlot made by Viu Manent (Colchagua, Chilé) from Vino! in Oakland for $8.95. A sign in Vino! said that Wine Enthusiast gives it an 89 point score (the closest I could find was this Wine Spec… more »

EFF Awarded $125k in Damages for OPG v. Diebold.

elections, vendors, copyright, chilling effects
(via Derek here) Diebold will pay $125,000 to the EFF.  Apparently, this will cover the costs of the case. And we all got some tasty precedent along the way. From the EFF release: Diebold is the first company to be held liable for violatin… more »

Gratz: Sony C&Ds Retropod

chilling effects
Joe's got the skinny on the Sony C&D of Retropod... and how Sony would likely loose if they pursued this under trademark law. more »

Jon Stewart Rips Through the Spin on Crossfire

(just saw this via Aaron here) [Jon] Stewart on Crossfire One of the most incredible sights of this political season: BitTorrent download Transcript, but your really have to watch it Jon Stewart goes on Crossfire, one of our vapid polit… more »

GAO on past election incidents...

system, elections, reform, news
The Government Accountability Office (formerly the General Accounting Office) has released a new report today: "Department of Justice's Activities to Address Past Election-Related Voting Irregularities." In short, the DOJ's Voting Section is screwed and… more »

R. Robot is Making Sense

(via Ryan) R.Robot is an algorithm that writes it's own blog... We must rebuild sober duty. more »

Heuristic Squelch cover on e-voting

elections, vendors
This is the cover of the current issue of the Heuristic Squelch... a satirical magazine run by a slew of UC Berkeley students. It's quite the funny publication... more »

FireFox / Thunderbird 1.0 Parties

open source
FireFox and Thunderbird 1.0 will be released on November 9: I can exclusively reveal that the weekend of the 19th-21st of November has been chosen as Party Time. That's after the currently-planned release date for Firefox 1.0 - the 9th - and allows f… more »

How Bush Will Lie In the Third Debate

elections, news, politics
It's not hard to predict what President Bush, who sounds increasingly desperate, will say tomorrow. Here are eight lies or distortions you'll hear, and the truth about each: more »

Copyfight: Supreme Court Denies Cert in RIAA v. Verizon

copyright, chilling effects, privacy
This just in: the Supreme Court has denied cert in RIAA v. Verizon, the case in which the recording industry initially won the right to unmask an anonymous KaZaA user with a special non-judicial, PATRIOT Act-like subpoena under the DMCA. The DC Circui… more »

Welcome Doug Tygar to the blogosphere!

UC Berkeley SIMS and EECS professor, Doug Tygar has just started a blogger blog: tygar-blog. more »

Using MSN Messenger with Gaim on Mac OS X

**UPDATE [2005-05-09 18:45:06]:** I'm putting this update at the top as it's the most ***important***. Forget all the crap below... you should just use [fink] to install `gaim-ssl`. Open a terminal and type: fink install gaim-ssl and you'll… more »

Changing behavior of tab in FireFox

(disclaimer: this is not really a hack... just an obfuscated setting.) So, one of the tiny things that has bugged me ever since I moved from Mozilla to Firefox is that using the tab key wouldn't let me completely navigate a web page with form data in… more »

NYT: Making Votes Count - Be Part of the Solution

elections, reform, news
For all the law students out there who would like to know how they, specifically, can help on Election Day: This year, for the first time, there is also a nationwide nonpartisan election-monitoring program being run by a coalition of public interest gr… more »

chimerically: Genevieve Bell - ethnography, technology, and Intel

blogging, SIMS
Morgan is another great addition to the SIMS student body. If you get a mobile phone in Malaysia, it'll come with Islamic applications. A popular mobile phone program tells you when to pray, and tells you which direction to point (optionally with the… more »

Electoral Vote Predictor Cartogram

elections, news, politics
Kerry just passed Bush on the electoral vote predictor. Here's a neat view - a cartogram - of the country with the area of each state related to the number of electoral votes it has. It's a tad less depressing for a Kerry supporter like myself as the s… more »

Nathan enters the blogosphere

Nathan Good just entered the blogosphere Yes, I am responding to a blog for the first time ever. You should ask Peter about the term 'user'. We had a conversation about it a while back, where he mentioned that the term first came into use back when p… more »

Thoughts on the presidential debate...

I'm no genius, so I'll keep 'em short: I watched the presidential debate last night. It was rather captivating. The dynamics of these kinds of encounters are fascinating. Kerry did pretty damn well... except his answer to the 'abortion is murder'… more »

Google SMS

Too freakin' wicked... Google is really pushing search into all aspects of our lives. Now you can text 'GOOGL' (46645) with specific queries and get short SMS answers. Calculator Enter the calculation you'd like done as a query. The calculator ca… more »

DoD Briefing Muck-up on Iraq Construction

wtf?, secrecy, politics
A great piece of insight into how mucked up this administration is... from a DoD briefing that was mistakenly made "on the record" when it was supposed to not be. Q Is this on the record? STAFF: Yeah -- Q (Off m… more »

TechnoTaste: Coming Back Around to [Sociure]

blogging, SIMS
Judd is a bad-ass: But I have come back around finally, after a period of being overwhelmed, to the reason I came to SIMS in the first place: a belief that the tools and perspectives of anthropology are useful and needed. In the face of all the new t… more »

GMail drafts...

GMail has the ability to save drafts... although they're going to need a "justification" feature like PINE's Ctrl-J which re-justifies a paragraph. more »

OH LWV lawsuit

elections, reform, news
Ohio League of Women Voters Lawsuit A coalition of citizen and labor groups filed suit this morning in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Ohio (League of Women Voters of Ohio v. Blackwell, Case No. 3:04CV7622). The lawsuit challenges… more »

bIPlog: Mt. St. Helens VolcanoCam Images: Terms of Use

copyright, wtf?, chilling effects
Brian at bIPlog says: The US Forest Service operates a Mt. St. Helens VolcanoCam. Their terms of use regarding the images are probably well-intentioned, but are an interesting example of a misunderstanding of both copyright law and the internet. more »

USPTO Patent Number Search Bar for Mozilla Browswers

Here's a Search Bar for the USPTO Patent Database... To install it, read the README file. Oh yeah, the patent above is a good one... 5,762,968. more »

The best of the Berkeley blogs

Cheesebikini SIMS graduate student Sean Savage provides great technology commentary - he coined the phrase "flash mob" - but seems to have abandoned his blog of late. more »

A Search Bar in Firefox for California Election Code

blogging, hacks
If you use FireFox, you can create search bars for almost any search form out there. I just created one for the California Election Code. If you frequently find yourself searching the California Election Code, you might want to simply install… more »

Gates at Zellerbach

copyright, open source, patents, politics
Ping is a little harsh on himself about yesterday's event with Bill Gates. A few of us (Ping, myself, Arthur, Morgan, Yuri and few other students that I don't know very well) flyered the event (here is the front and back of the flyer). Arthur has a… more »

How to turn off Smilies in b2evolution...

system, blogging
Have I mentioned lately that I love my blog tool, b2evo? It's bad ass. However, it is shipped by default to render smilies within the text of the post... and, in some cases, you'll want to be turning off smilies. For example, to say "C&D" b2ev… more »

Diebold 512(f) Smackdown...

elections, vendors, blogging, copyright, news, secrecy, chilling effects
This is good news! Background: I received a cease and desist from Diebold, Inc. last fall due to my having posted the email/memo archive at question in this case. Aaron Swartz over at Copyfight points out that Stanford has a rule where if a stud… more »
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