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Gov. Schwarzenegger Signs Ca. Paper Trail Bill into Law

elections, certification/testing, reform, standards, news
by Kim Alexander of the California Voter Foundation. California is the first state in the nation where paperless, electronic voting systems have been widely deployed that is requiring by law that the machines be retrofitted or replaced. With the enac… more »

A picture is worth a thousand dead G.I.'s


Doug Jones: "Comments on the EAC TGDC Testimony"

elections, certification/testing, reform, standards, news
Doug comes through with another set of great notes from a voting event... this time it was the EAC Technical Guidelines Development Committee hearing on Sept 20, 2004. Some excerpts: I believe that the time has come to ban the use of infrared optica… more »

Lucasfilm puts the kibosh on screening of twisted 'Star Wars'

copyright, chilling effects
These guys should not charge for the movie event, but accept donations to protest stringent copyright control that doesn't allow such uses as these. Parody can be a bitch. The long arm of director George Lucas' legal team has reached out and put a l… more »

Microsoft Patents Ones, Zeros

This is an oldy but a goody: Microsoft Patents Ones, Zeros REDMOND, WA - In what CEO Bill Gates called "an unfortunate but necessary step to protect our intellectual property from theft and exploitation by competitors," the Microsoft Corporation p… more »

Abe and Durant quotes...

I've started to subscribe to the Quotes of the Day feed (feed here). Today are two great ones: "When I do good, I feel good; when I do bad, I feel bad, and that is my religion." - Abraham Lincoln (1809 - 1865), (attributed) This is a neat quote.… more »

NYT: "Fear and Laptops on the Campaign Trail"

And as a seasoned reporter myself -- after two whole conventions -- I can safely say that you get about as many insights into the hearts and souls of the candidates on the campaign trail as you would watching a plastic fern grow. The ever-increasing scr… more »

Terrorist Watch List Metadata Standard...

From a fellow SIMS student, Sarai (Whom I have yet to meet!): Terrorist Watchlist Person Data Exchange Standard: <Terrorist> <Name>Cat Stevens</Name> <Ali… more »

"Election Guides for Geeks"

(Note the quick reference guides are licensed under a generous Creative Commons Attribution license... feel free to remix, repurpose, reporpoise or whatever tickles you pink.) Work that I'm doing with the EFF, VVF and AFU just got a plug by Declan of… more »

NYT: "Kerry as the Boss: Always More Questions"

elections, news
Mr. Kerry is a meticulous, deliberative decision maker, always demanding more information, calling around for advice, reading another document - acting, in short, as if he were still the Massachusetts prosecutor boning up for a case. He stayed up late S… more »

Internet Withdrawl and Information Ubiquity

Judd says: The fascinating thing is that the existence of the internet and the information it provides has changed what it means to be "plugged in." Always on, everywhere, all the time behvaior has created an environment where the minimum threshold o… more »

Voting Machines by County in the United States...

elections, certification/testing, reform, vendors, standards, news
So I did some googling / sleuthing / lexising and tried to use the EDS' voting technology map to figure out what most of the DREs used in counties in the US are... here's a start... if anyone sees anything obviously wrong or has additional information,… more »

How the Supreme Court Could End Up Deciding the Election Again

elections, news
Well, the supreme court could end up deciding this election again... which is why it should have been Dean for the Dems all along. Kerry is a flacid politician. Fortunately, a poll has just come out on [Colorado's electoral vote-splitting] referendu… more »

Ahnold signs Internet piracy bill; E-mail address required to share movies, music online

copyright, wtf?, chilling effects, privacy
WTF? California file sharers who trade songs or films without providing an e- mail address will be guilty of a misdemeanor, under the first-in-the-nation measure that could make it easier for law enforcement to track down people who illegally downloa… more »

Judd in the Blogosphere...

Everyone welcome Judd to the blogosphere! Well, the is my first post on my very own blog. I fully realize that nobody will ever read it, but it%u2019s nice to have a blog so I feel up to date with all the other geeks at SIMS. more »

Shelley controversy deepens

New information released by Secretary of State Kevin Shelley's office Tuesday shows that consultants paid with federal election funds served as his staff at Democratic political events, including a Sacramento lunch that raised money for presidential can… more »

Terrorist Spam?

I just got the weirdest piece of terrorist spam... it's so weird that it must be a joke... click "more" to see some excerpts... You're invited to shop for large selection of bombs and different kinds of rockets such as surface-to-air, surface-to-… more »

More underutilized parts of the DMCA... 512(f)

copyright, chilling effects
Here in the states we're waiting for a ruling to come down that may provide additional protection for those inappropriately targeted by infringement claims: the decision in OPG v. Diebold. As Wendy notes in a recent OJR article, there's a seldom-used… more »

Legal Affairs - Kerry's Even Keel

elections, reform, news
If you are thinking of voting for Bush, please read the article linked above and excerpted below... IN 2000, MANY OF US THOUGHT THAT THE OUTCOME of the election would determine the composition of the Supreme Court. It turned out to be the other way a… more »

The Cover of This Week's Economist (20 Sep 2004)

elections, reform, news
I thought some of you might enjoy the cover illustration from the most recent Economist. more »

NYT: Switching Elections Technologies Late in the Game

elections, reform, news, secrecy
"Switching [voting systems or election technologies] now, approximately 40 days before the election, would probably introduce more security problems than it would avoid," said Aviel D. Rubin, a professor of computer science at Johns Hopkins University w… more »

LA SoS gets his hands dirty

elections, accessibility, vendors, news, wtf?
You know the situation is dire with the Secretary of State is driving a semi-truck to deliver voting machines. At least 35 precincts did not have voting machines because drivers hired to deliver the machines had apparently not shown up for work, said… more »

Spread Firefox - Hot as Hell

open source
UPDATE [2005-04-17 20:18:10]: Please see this post for the most current version of the upgrade instructions below. If you're reading this in Internet Explorer, you should stop, right now, and go download Firefox (then help spread the word!). The prev… more »

A worm in the Apple

music, copyright, wtf?, chilling effects
Apple threatened the ISP-host for and creators of iPoddownload, a plug-in that allows users to transfer songs from any iPod to their iTunes library. Typically, iPods are tied to only one iTunes library in order to limit sneaker-net piracy. (via D… more »

The SCO judge is hella funny...

copyright, SCO, open source, chilling effects
"If Counterclaim 10 is gone, the jury won't be confused any more?" - Judge Kimbal in today's SCO v. IBM hearing more »

Geoff Nunberg and Paul Duguid's "Quality of Information" class

I'm taking a great class taught by Geoff Nunberg and Paul Duguid, "The Quality of Information", where all the students will blog over the course of the semester... come join us: The Atom syndication link is here. The… more »

NIH: Enhanced Public Access to NIH Research Information

copyright, open source
Establishing a comprehensive, searchable electronic resource of NIH- funded research results and providing free access to all, is perhaps the most fundamental way to collect and disseminate this information. The NIH must balance this need with the abili… more »

Indymedia Reporter as "Political Prisoner in NYC"

elections, news, wtf?, secrecy, chilling effects
You really do have to read this if you have an extra 15 minutes. It's the complete story of an Indymedia reporter who was detained at the RNC for 40 hours. Amazing. Here's some highlights: Once the five of us are done and recuffed we are walked do… more »

Nader op-ed in WP: "Parties to Injustice"

elections, news
This summer, swarms of Democratic Party lawyers, propagandists, harassers and assorted operatives have been conducting an unsavory war against my campaign's effort to secure a spot on the presidential ballots in various states. It is not enough that bot… more »

Ahnold stumbles: The Nixon-Humphrey Presidential Debate Never Took Place

It will be interesting to see how this pans out... Arnold didn't even sorta mess up, he messed up pretty big here. At the Republican Convention, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said he became a Republican after listening to a televised debate between… more »

WPES: "Privacy Issues in an Electronic Voting Machine"

elections, certification/testing, accessibility, reform, standards, open source, secrecy, privacy
In case anyone out there is interested, here is the preprint version of our OVC-inspired privacy paper for the ACM's WPES 2004 upcoming in October: "Privacy Issues in an Electronic Voting Machine" Here's the abstract: ABSTRACT In this paper, we d… more »
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