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A reflective post...

system, blogging
This is a reflective post... what does that mean for all 2 of you reading it? Well, that means that any notion you had of this being a topical blog is about to be blown out the window. From this sentence onwards, it's all belly button lint and me, me,… more »

LawGeek: Video unmasks closed-door Diebold meeting in Texas

elections, reform, vendors, news
Jason gets all the good stuff first... I'll post comments when I get a chance to watch the movie. This material could be yet another reason for AGs to prosecute... as if they didn't already have enough. What the fuck does it take for a little prosecut… more »

CVF: California Online Voter Guide

elections, news
The awesome folks at the California Voter Foundation have released their 2004 California Online Voter Guide for this November's general election. more »

Lou Dobbs polls viewers about verified voting

elections, reform, news
So, Lou Dobbs had one of his Quick Vote on-line polls today from 5-6 PDT. The question was, " Do you believe states should be required to provide paper receipts of electronic votes?" Well apparently, those who voted thought so... more »

Doug Jones: Confusion of Myth and Fact in Maryland

elections, reform, news
My esteemed colleague, Doug Jones, has authored a rebuttal to the Maryland Board of Elections ridiculous brochure that was obviously written in close consultation with election systems vendors. In late June or early July of 2004, the Maryland State… more »

ITAA says e-voting researchers pusing open source agenda

elections, reform, standards
(Via Michael Geist's ILN for BNA) The ITAA and their "survey" are both chalk full of shit. The researchers come out on top in this Compuworld piece... I'll include the quotes in the article, not the commentary below and then add my own two cents: [.… more »

A new google hack: defeating unaccessible directories...

elections, hacks
Haven't you ever been poking around a website after having arrived there due to a particularly-tasty peice of information only to be stymied by directory-listing denied 403 errors and the like? Well, at least for highly linked-to documents, I've found… more »

Out in Napa: Regusci and Sequoia Grove

wine, tasting notes
Yesterday, Michelle and I took a jaunt up to Napa to hang out with some friends (one of whose husband is an enologist). It was a gorgeous day and what do you do in Napa on a gorgeous day? You go on a picnic or go to Lake Baryessa. We opted with picnicin… more »

Gates Rubber v. Bando - Abstraction-Filtration-Comparison

copyright, SCO
Hopefully, it won't come to this but SCO has like 30 lawyers... I've always wanted to know more about abstract- filtration- comparison tests. SCO cited the case, Gates Rubber v. Bando, in its Reply Memorandum re Discovery, (footnote 7 on page 20) and t… more »

RSS mercenaries scrape sites for cheap... RSS of Drudge Report

I love RSS. I love RSS so much that it's starting to become a pain in the ass when a site doesn't provide me with an RSS feed. For example, Dave Farber's Interesting People mailing list and the Drudge Report. Well, thanks to Carlo and his site-scrapi… more »

The FEC 1990 Voting Systems Standards in PDF

elections, certification/testing, standards
Well folks, thanks again to Kim for the electronic version of the FEC's 1990 Voting System Standards. Previous to this, I had understood that this only existed in paper form and that they would have to be scanned in for wide Internet-based distribution… more »

Conflicts of Interest between disability and election vendor communities

elections, accessibility, reform, vendors
This is from an editorial in the New York Times from 11 June 2004 entitled, "The Disability Lobby and Voting". I had been discussing with a colleague why we couldn't bridge the gap between the verified voting and disability rights communities... well,… more »

Ode to a new blog

My old blog recently died. It was a long, drawn-out and breathless death... not a pretty thing to witness for someone so intimately involved with it. It was a Moveable Type blog... and the folks at MT decided that it would be wise to use Perl's DB_FILE… more »

NASED Qualified Voting Systems

elections, certification/testing
Thanks to Kim Alexander of the California Voter Foundation, we now have an up-to-date list (SXC, XLS) of NASED Qualified Voting Systems. If you're not sure what that means, check out this quick primer of the process involved with certifying a voting sys… more »

Joe moves to b2evo!

Well, after seeing Brian Carver rave about this php/MySQL GPL'd blog tool b2evolution, I had to try it out... and it is so damn cool that I think I'll have to break down and purchase a domain name for this puppy. Too bad my old blog had a Berkeley DB c… more »
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