Opting out of Cal Photo Sharing

(This material is public domain (cc) 2003 Joseph Lorenzo Hall).

As highlighted in an Editorial in the 27 May 2003 issue of the Daily Cal, a new feature added to the UC Berkeley CourseWeb system will add student photos to class rosters. By default, every student's photo will be displayed on a roster unless they specifically opt-out.

To aid the concerned and confused, I've provided instructions below that will allow you to "opt-out" of sharing your photos with your instructors.

How to opt-out of photo sharing:
  1. Log in to BearFacts. (hopefully you've used it to check your grades...)
  2. You should notice that there is a new button in the menu entitled,"Photo release option". Click this link. The Screen will look something like this:

  3. Next, you should see the screen below with two options. Choose which option you want and click yes or no.

  4. Now you have actually chosen whether or not your photo will be available to your instructors.