Joe's Blood Pressure Data

The following graphs were produced by a computer program that helps me track my blood pressure and heart rate as measured by my Omron HEM-712C Digital Blood Pressure Monitor. I save the readings on my handheld and upload them to the astronomy network. (for processing details see below)

Systolic Pressure

Diastolic Pressure

Heart Rate

Systolic/Diastolic Residual

Composite Plot

Running Mean Composite Plot
(+/- 2 day window)

A CUSUM plot of raw data

(click here for a description of a CUSUM)

(Some technical details: The program I've written is in the IDL computer programing language. Click here to see a copy of my IDL code and feel free to email me at if you have any questions (about input formats, auxillary files, etc.). I use a command-line/ batch-mode image processing program (ImageMagick) to get from the program output to what you see above)

(last updated on 16 Aug 2002; I've been recording my blood pressure for 17 weeks and 2 days)