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Our short paper, "Gay Males and Electronic Health Records: Privacy Perceptions, Age, and Negotiating Stigma" has been accepted to the American Sociological Association annual meeting (2012)

Our paper, "Probing the Front Lines: Pollworker Perceptions of Security & Privacy" has been accepted to the 2012 Electronic Voting Technology Workshop/ Workshop on Trustworthy Elections (EVT/WOTE'12) jhall-evtwote12.pdf (PDF)

Our paper, "Accountings of Relationships" has been accepted to the 3rd USENIX Workshop on Health Security and Privacy (HealthSec'12) jhall-healthsec12.pdf

We have submitted a letter to HHS CPO Joy Pritts entitled, "Analysis and Recommendations Concerning HHS Notice of Proposed Rulemaking Covering Changes to Accountings of Disclosure" sharps-pritts-letter.pdf (PDF) (9 Dec 2011)

We've published "Applying a Reusable Election Threat Model at the County Level" at EVT/WOTE'11: dill-evtwote11.pdf (PDF) (9 Aug 2011)

ACCURATE has submitted comments on the EAC's proposed Voluntary Voting System Guidelines v1.1 (VVSG v1.1): accurate_vvsgv11_comment.pdf (PDF) (28 Sep 2009)

Our paper, "Implementing Risk-Limiting Post-Election Audits in California" has been accepted to the USENIX/ACCURATE Electronic Voting Technology (EVT'09) Workshop. Read the paper: arXiv, SSRN, PDF.

My PhD Dissertation, "Policy Mechanisms for Increasing Transparency in Electronic Voting" is now available: PDF.

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